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Energetic all-American music.

The central work on this recording of orchestral music by American composers is Roy Harris' Sixth Symphony, called the "Gettysburg." Prior to composing the work, Harris read Carl Sandburg's biography of Lincoln, and this, in addition to enlarging upon his factual knowledge of the sixteenth president, helped the composer solidify his own feelings towards the man and the symbol. Though in the years since the Sixth Symphony appeared, there has been growing skepticism about politicians, increasingly leading to an at times almost cynical re-evaluation of even some of our most hallowed figures, one must acknowledge the sincerity and strength of the idealistic spirit motivating Harris during this period. One must also recognize that the rich and varied symphony that emerged as a result reflects a complex tapestry of influences. The Sixth Symphony, written in 1943-44 on commission from the Blue Network (a predecessor of the American Broadcasting Corporation), is very much a summary of what Roy Harris was as a man and a composer.
Samuel Barber, composer
Capricorn Concerto, Op. 21
Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark, conductor

Samuel Barber, composer
Essay for Orchestra No. 1
Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark, conductor

Aaron Copland, composer
Saga of the Prairies
Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark, conductor

Roy Harris, composer
Symphony No. 6 "Gettysburg"
Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark, conductor

"This is one of the best anthologies of mid-century American music available....The triumph on this release, however, is Roy Harris' Symphony No. 6. Harris is one of the great undiscoveries of the century, with style as unique as Copland's. Harris' Sixth Symphony is as distinct as his more famous Third Symphony, at once beautiful, heart-rending and compelling. Very highly recommended." (Classical Pulse)
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