Crystal Drops
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...A personality emerges that is individual...

In the nearly 30 years that Hi Kyung Kim has been living, studying and composing in the Western World, her music has established itself as Asian-American in voice and spirit. But for all the recognizably Korean musical ideas, rhythmic and sonic, in her music these seem to occur not as flags or labels but appear integrally in the music's fabric. And in the hearing of it, a personality emerges that is individual and not specifically or necessarily identifiable as Korean-American. As she has admitted, these Korean elements come into her music unbidden, unselfconsciously, and cites a conversation she had with the late Korean-born composer Isang Yun, in which he said "That he did not have to think about his musical elements intentionally utilizing Korean music, since (these were) already imbedded in him."
Hi Kyung Kim, composer
At the Edge of the Ocean
Ensemble Parall¸le, Nicole Paiement, conductor

Hi Kyung Kim, composer
Crystal Drops
Aki Takahashi, piano, Rae Imamura, piano

Hi Kyung Kim, composer
Trio, Sori
Sengmi Suh, daegeum, John Sackett, clarinet, Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello

Hi Kyung Kim, composer
Primitive Dance
Alexander String Quartet

"Especially recommended to listeners who have encountered a bit of traditional Korean music." (All Music Guide)
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