Brash Attacks
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This recording continues our series devoted to the music of this esteemed composer.

Richard Wilson writes: "The music on this compact disc spans my entire composing career...The three short pieces for piano from my senior year in college reflect an enthusiasm for Boulez, who was teaching at Harvard that year. Quite different in style are the herbal pieces that were intended as teaching material for young piano students but are, without doubt, a bit too complex for that purpose. My propensity for technical challenge is even more evident in the solo works for bass and oboe. Chamber music has always been my preferred milieu."
Richard Wilson, composer
Brash Attacks for Trumpet & Trombone
Sycil Mathai, trumpet, Mike Boschen, trombone

Richard Wilson, composer
Yann Dubost, double bass

Richard Wilson, composer
Three Short Pieces for Piano
Richard Wilson, piano

Richard Wilson, composer
Laura Ahlbeck, oboe

Richard Wilson, composer
Moran Katz, clarinet, Sophie Shao, cello

Richard Wilson, composer
Sour Flowers
Richard Wilson, piano

Richard Wilson, composer
Senza Furore
Janet Arms, flute, Laura Flax, clarinet, Ah Ling Neu, viola, Richard Wilson, piano

"Richard Wilson is a composer who values craft, restraint, elegance, and subtlety. ...Wilson plays in three works, and he's a fabulous pianist–steely, precise, crisp. His musicianship and sensitivity are obvious." (Fanfare)
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