Esterhazy Quartet Plays Samuel Adler
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The Esterhazy Quartet performs string quartets and a piano quintet by the eminent American composer Samuel Adler.

The Esterhazy Quartet commissioned Samuel Adler’s String Quartet No. 9 on the occasion of their 40th anniversary in 2010. Accompanying this string quartet are two other works – a piano quintet written in 2000-2001 and Adler’s String Quartet No. 8, which was composed in 1988. Born in 1928, Samuel Adler’s has had a long and distinguished career as a composer. He is the composer of more than 400 works; his music has been performed around the world; he is the author of three books; the recipient of numerous awards and prizes including the Aaron Copland Lifetime Achievement in Music Award; and a professor emeritus at Eastman and on the faculty at Juilliard. The Esterhazy Quartet has performed on three continents and garnered international accolades from critics. They are the ensemble-in-residence at the University of Missouri, and are widely recognized for their commitment to performing the music of our time. They are joined by virtuoso pianist Jerome Lowenthal, who, while born in 1932, continues to fascinate audiences.
Samuel Adler, composer
String Quartet No. 8
Esterhazy Quartet

Samuel Adler, composer
Piano Quintet
Esterhazy Quartet, Jerome Lowenthal, piano

Samuel Adler, composer
String Quartet No. 9
Esterhazy Quartet

“The performances by the Esterhazy Quartet and [Jerome] Lowenthal are excel-lent,…Adler’s music is quite interesting, and it is surprising his works have not had wider exposure outside the academic music world. While clearly contemporary, these are ac-cessible works that will reward listeners in search of something new.” (Audiophile Audition)

“The Esterhazy Quartet plays magnificently in this recording, as does pianist Jerome Je-rome Lowenthal. …this is music that should be heard and absorbed… I can (and do) give this release a warm recommendation.” (Fanfare)
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