Cantos for Solo Instruments
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A unique disc - both entertaining and educational!

The wonderful draw of this album, besides the music of Samuel Adler is the great artistry of the various musicians involved in this project. What talent lies in American Orchestras! This disc proves it beyond question. Samuel Adler was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1928 and came to the United States in 1939. He holds a B.M. from Boston University and an M.A. from Harvard University. During his tenure in the U.S. Army, he founded and conducted the Seventh Army Symphony Orchestra and because of the Orchestra's great psychological and musical impact on the European cultural scene, he was awarded the Army's Medal of Honor. His catalogue includes more than 400 published works in all media. He has also published three books. From 1966 to 1994 he was professor of composition at the Eastman School. He was the chairman of the department since 1974. He is currently on the faculty of the Juilliard School of Music. The pieces on this disc were all composed at the request of and for all the friends Dr. Adler has made in America's Orchestras over the years.
Samuel Adler, composer
Canto I for Trumpet Solo
David Bilger, trumpet

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto XIV (A Klezmer fantasy for Clarinet solo)
Franklin Cohen, clarinet

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto XI for Horn solo
William VerMeulen, French horn

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto XIII for Piccolo solo
Jan Gippo, piccolo

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto II for Trombone solo
Charles Vernon, bass trombone

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto XV for English Horn solo
Thomas Stacy, English horn

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto IV for Alto Saxophone solo
John Sampen, saxophone

Samuel Adler, composer
Canto XII for Bassoon solo
Judith LeClair, bassoon

"This remarkable disc offers superb readings of works for unaccompanied woodwind and brass instruments by Samuel Adler (b. 1928), professor of composition at the Eastman School for 28 years and now on the faculty of the Juilliard School....Recorded in eight studios by eight engineers and mastered by Richard Price of Squires Productions, the disc is a triumph of engineering." (American Record Guide)
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