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Late-romantic gems by a founder of the "American School."

After decades of relative obscurity, a number of gifted American composers who flourished around the turn of the 20th century are being discovered by music lovers. After their deaths composers such as Horatio Parker and a number of others were dismissed as derivative and minor figures, writers of pale imitations of European art music. But, as their works begin to reenter the repertoire with greater frequency, listeners at the turn of the 21st century are discovering music of great charm, impeccable craftsmanship and sincere expression. In fact, in their day many of these composers were greatly admired. Parker, for example, as professor of composition and Dean of the School of Music at Yale, enjoyed a reputation as a master of compositional craft, and taught a number of important younger composers, including Charles Ives. The reality was that Ives helped take music in a new direction, but now from the distance of a century or more, the fact that Parker's music was not ground breaking seems somehow less important and we as listeners are free to admire the craftsmanship and respond to the sincerity of this wonderful music.
Horatio Parker, composer
Six Lyrics for Piano, Op. 25
Peter Kairoff, piano

Horatio Parker, composer
Four Sketches, Op. 19
Peter Kairoff, piano

Horatio Parker, composer
Morceaux Characteristiques
Peter Kairoff, piano

"Americanists will rejoice at the availability of Horatio Parker's piano music. Parker, a member of the so-called Second New England School (the First included William Billings and the other Revolutionary hymn-tune composers), was one of the first major figures on the American compositional landscape....The music is elegant and charming, but nothing more than that....This recording will be of greatest interest to Americanists and libraries." (American Record Guide)

"...all of these pieces would be delightful to hear in any venue, particularly when performed with such competency and feeling..." (American Music)
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