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An imaginative juxtaposition of a familiar composer with Cuban-American Jorge Martín.

With Debussy's Jeux comes the notion of steps as a progression from one point to another in location, time and/or psychological state. As Debussy was a pianist-composer grappling with changing aesthetics in a time of turbulence, so Cuban-born American composer Jorge Martin is engaged in a similar pursuit today. His style is both accessible and provocative, equally using and breaking free of formal compositional technique, achieving its own unique voice. Martin and Jeanne Golan met as students at Yale University. Best known for his vocal works, Martin's first piano piece, Wand'ring Steps and Slow, was written for her. Its title comes from the last lines of Paradise Lost and suggests the loss of childlike innocence symbolized by the expulsion from Eden. Having written his first piano piece, Martin was inspired to delve into another. The Piano Fantasy on Sredni Vashtar also has a literary association. Saki wrote a tale of an orphan boy who defies a ferret he spies in his aunt's barn, to wonderfully horrific consequences. Martin turned this tale into an opera in 1992. He has reworked some of its music into the Piano Fantasy.
Jorge Martín, composer
Wand'ring Steps and Slow
Jeanne Golan, piano

Jorge Martín, composer
Piano Fantasy on Sredni Vashtar
Jeanne Golan, piano

Claude Debussy, composer
Deux Arabesques
Jeanne Golan, piano

Claude Debussy, composer
Jeanne Golan, piano

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