We’ve got (poly)rhythm

Ana Maria Rosado (guitar), Alberto Rosado (guitar)

Catalog #: TROY0087
Release Date: April 1, 1993
Format: Digital

The guitar has always been a pillar of musical expression in Latin America. Its personal character reflects the strain of individuality in Latin cultures. Twentieth Century luminaries including Heitor Villa-Lobos, Carlos Chavez and Alberto Ginastera, have paid homage to the guitar through their compositions. Contemporary Latin American composers continue the tradition of these musical giants. Composers on this recording, all different in their musical approach, share a special feel for the guitar. Roque Cordero (Panama-USA), Tania Léon (Cuba-USA) and Rafael Aponte-Ledée (Puerto Rico) employ techniques of atonal composition while fusing regional elements. Edmundo Vçsquez, the Paris-based Chilean composer, utilizes traditional folkloric structures elaborated by the techniques of current musical idioms. United States born Francis Schwartz, who has made Puerto Rico his home, uses the guitar and the guitarist as features of a music theater work which includes vocal sounds and gestures from the audience. The renowned Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla, added classical training to his vast popular musical experience as a bandoneon player. Piazzolla highlights in these guitar pieces the harmonic language he used to rejuvenate the traditional tango.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Tres Bagatelas Aponte-Ledée Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Cinco Mensajes para Cuatro Amigos Roque Cordero Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Paisanos Semos! Tania Leon Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Cinco Piezas Astor Piazzolla Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
We've got (poly)rhythm Francis Schwartz Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Fronteras Francis Schwartz Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Auzielle-Milonga Edmundo Vasquez Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Suite Transitorial Edmundo Vasquez Ana Maria Rosado, guitar
Ofrenda Edmundo Vasquez Ana Maria Rosado, guitar


  • "Ana Maria Rosado clearly knows this field well, and can project the music firmly, without showiness or excess of any kind. Much of the music is recorded her for the first time. Paisanas Semosi, by the Cuban composer Tania Leon, is an example of the gritty contemporary style, uncompromising but worth listening to....The Piazzolla pieces are also done very well, increasing my respect for Ms. Rosado with each cunningly placed note, chord and expression mark; her control of rhythmic energy really is very good....This record makes an unusually good impression, and Ana Maria Rosado's next will be awaited with keen anticipation."

    – Classical Guitar

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