Hell’s Gate

Daniel Bell (baritone saxophone), Kelland Thomas (alto saxophone), Michael Keepe (tenor saxophone), University of Arizona Wind Ensemble, Greg I. Hanson (conductor)

Catalog #: TROY0309
Release Date: December 1, 1998
Format: Digital
Wind Ensemble

The music of David Maslanka is one of the consistent best sellers on Albany Records. About the music on this disc, the composer writes: "My Symphony No. 2 was commissioned by the Big Ten Band Directors Association and was dedicated to my teacher and friend, H. Owen Reed, on the occasion of his 75th birthday. It premiered in 1987 at the College Band Directors National Association convention at Northwestern University with John P. Paynter conducting. The symphony is in three movements. Laudamus Te was written for and dedicated to the Mount St. Charles Academy Symphonic Band of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Marc Blanchette, conductor. The words "laudamus te" (we praise you) are form the Gloria of the Latin Mass. The idea has been brought forward over time that the true function of the human race is to sing praise. Laudamus Te is a piece in which the voice of praise arises out of darkness. Hell's Gate (1996) was commissioned by the Hellgate High School Symphony Band, John H. Combs, conductor. The title "Hell's Gate" started as a simple twist on the name "Hellgate." "Hellgate" is the name given to a section of Missoula, Montana where the Clark Fork River flows through a mountain pass (Maslanka lives on a ranch in Montana). Local Indians suffered many surprise attacks by rival tribes at this place, leading French settlers to give it the name "Hells Gate." Thus the title for my piece."


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Symphony No. 2 David Maslanka University of Arizona Wind Ensemble, Gregg Hanson, conductor
Laudamus Te David Maslanka University of Arizona Wind Ensemble, Gregg Hanson, conductor
Hell's Gate David Maslanka University of Arizona Wind Ensemble, Gregg Hanson, conductor, Kelland Thomas, alto saxophone, Michael Keepe, tenor saxophone, Daniel Bell, baritone saxophone


  • "...Fanfare still presents me with the opportunity to be astounded. As an example, the recently reviewed and approved CD of the music of David Maslanka. My premiere listen was going to be accomplished while writing letters. A few moments into the CD I had to stop. "I cannot do anything while this is on."As when I was 10 years old I was astounded. At age 74 I uttered another "Wow."It still happens, thanks to the admirable reviews in Fanfare...."

    – Letter to the Editor, Fanfare

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