Norman Dello Joio: Complete Works for Piano, Vol. 2

Debra Torok (piano)

Catalog #: TROY0359
Release Date: February 1, 2000
Format: Digital

By the latter part of the forties, Norman Dello Joio was considered one of America's leading composers, and by the fifties he had gained international recognition. In 1948 and again in 1962 he won the New York Music Critic's Circle Award and in 1957 he won the Pulitzer Prize for Music for his Meditations on Ecclesiastes for string orchestra. The same year he also won an Emmy Award for his score to the television special Scenes from the Louvre. Debra Torok first spoke with Norman Dello Joio about this recording project in the beginning of May, 1997. Their initial meeting had been anticipated by the artist who, through research and performance, saw a need to make the public aware of these wonderful piano pieces. They began working together on interpretation and to correct the scores. This two volume set of the solo piano music is the first recording of the complete piano works of Dello Joio; a composer whose life achievements and compositions have enriched the landscape of American music. (Volume One is TROY344.)


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Suite for Piano Norman Dello Joio Debra Torok, piano
Salute to Scarlatti Norman Dello Joio Debra Torok, piano
Diversions Norman Dello Joio Debra Torok, piano
Introduction and Fantasies on a Chorale Tune Norman Dello Joio Debra Torok, piano
Short Intervallic Etudes Norman Dello Joio Debra Torok, piano
Concert Variants for Piano Norman Dello Joio Debra Torok, piano


  • "The delightful music of Norman Dello Joio, whose talent as a composer was recognized around the middle of the last century, still is not often performed before the public. Thanks to Albany Records and the considerable performance talent of pianist Debra Torok, all of Norman Dello Joio's works for piano are available on the Complete Works for Piano, Volumes One and Two...His piano music is intriguing and frequently steps outside the limits of other contemporary piano composers. It is a pity that Dello Joio's piano compositions are not heard more frequently because they sing and soar like no others...These highly recommended CDs belong in all piano recording collections."

    – Clavier

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