Andrei Eshpai, Vol. 3

Vitaly Shapkin (flute), Chaikovsky Large Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Vedemikov (conductor), Rifat Komachkov (double bass), Moscow Conservatory Orchestra, Gennady Cherkasov (conductor), USSR State Large Symphony Orchestra, Konstantin Ivanov (conductor)

Catalog #: TROY0367
Release Date: February 1, 2000
Format: Digital

In volume three of this very well-received series, we have early, middle and late examples of the works of this fine composer. If any of these performances have appeared anywhere before here, on this new CD, they appear in the best sound they have ever received for the performances have all been remastered for this series of recordings. We feel that Eshpai is a composer of sufficient stature that his music deserves the best sound possible, so the listener can judge more appropriately the quality of the music. This has been done.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra Andrei Eshpai Vitaly Shapkin, flute, Chaikovsky Large Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Vedemikov, conductor
Songs of the Mountain and Meadow Mari Andrei Eshpai USSR State Large Symphony Orchestra, Vasily Sinaisky, conductor
Concerto for Double Bass and String Orchestra Andrei Eshpai Rifat Komachkov, double bass, Moscow Conservatory Orchestra, Gennady Cherkasov, conductor
Symphony No. 1 Andrei Eshpai USSR State Large Symphony Orchestra, Konstantin Ivanov, conductor


  • "I was quite enthusiastic about this collection when I received it... and hearing it on this Albany release has not diminished my enthusiasm. ...The sonic picture is an appealing combination of detail and solid power."

    – Fanfare

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