Miss Julie

Curtis Opera Theatre

Catalog #: TROY0761-62
Release Date: June 1, 2005
Format: Digital

What a coup it is to have this significant live performance from 2003 performed by the music department at Curtis Institute where Ned Rorem first studied in the 1940's and has been a faculty member for over 20 years! As a major addition to the opera, we have a new work, Aftermath, where Rorem, as have so many other composers over the past four years, responds to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. As Rorem writes, "In the wake of the September 11th shock, I asked what a thousand other composers must have asked: what is the point of music now? But it soon grew clear that music was the only point. Indeed, the future will judge us, as it always judges the past, by our art more than our armies- by construction more than by destruction. The art, no matter its theme or language, by definition reflects the time: a waltz in a moment of tragedy, or a dirge during prosperity, may come into focus only a century later. As a Quaker, I was raised to believe that there is no alternative to peace. Perhaps it's wrong, perhaps right, but I am not ashamed of this belief..." Rorem, born in 1923, is one of our great lyrical composers, described by Time magazine as the world's greatest composer of songs. His output encompasses far more than that, of course: three symphonies, four piano concertos, chamber music, other works for orchestra, all of which display a wealth of melody and a distinctive, unique instrumental sound (listen sometime to the Symphony No.2, whose brief second movement is essentially an instrumental song). Rorem's prowess as a vocal writer (and author of 14 books) lead him, naturally, to this adaptation of the classic play by August Strindberg, presented here in a remarkable, vivid performance and recording.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Miss Julie Ned Rorem Curtis Opera Theatre, David Agler, conductor, Joslin Romphf, Howard Reddy, Fiona Murphy, Jacqueline Boiler, Brenden Gunnell, Lishir Inbar, Charles Unice
Aftermath Ned Rorem James Kee, baritone, Nicholas Canellakis, cello, José Blumenschein, violin, Mikael Eliasen, piano


  • "Rorem demonstrates again and again how to write attractive vocal lines and orchestrations that flatter those lines. ...essential for Ned Rorem enthusiasts and anyone who wants to know his music better."

    – American Record Guide

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