Timothy Polashek – Wood And Wire

Eric Huebner (piano), Steven Beck (piano), Timothy Polashek (disklavier)

Catalog #: TROY0819
Release Date: January 1, 2006
Format: Digital

The fact that Timothy Polashek has lived with moderate hearing loss (and the need to wear hearing aids) has actually had an impact on his compositional aesthetic; prompting him to explore the world of nonsensical speech sounds as music, as well as pitch and timbre manipulations of other sounds in his electro-acoustical works. He wrote his first computer program in the 5th grade to generate time-based graphic animations and by the time he entered high school he had written a computer program in PASCAL that could synthesize musical tones, generate improvisations in blues style, and display them as musical notation in real-time during the computation and reading of the music. As he writes, "all of the compositions on this album were composed recently, with the oldest, Porcupine Quest, dating from 2002...when I was composing these works, I knew that Eric Huebner might perform them so I kept his incredible virtuosity and spirited piano technique in mind...also, I am appreciative of pianist Steven Beck's superb playing on the duets, both in concert and in the recording sessions...overall, aesthetically, I view these works as modern classical music, but spoken at times in the dialect and emotion of jazz."


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Porcupine Quest Timothy Polashek Eric Huebner, piano
Piano Sonata Timothy Polashek Eric Huebner, piano
Garden Rain Timothy Polashek Eric Huebner, piano
Kite Sonata for Two Pianos Timothy Polashek Steven Beck, piano, Eric Huebner, piano
A Few Moments Inside Timothy Polashek Timothy Polashek, disklavier
Sockets Nocturne Timothy Polashek Steven Beck, piano, Eric Huebner, piano


  • "I like its energy and joy. Polashek pushes the envelope..."

    – Listening Post

  • "Eric Huebner has a light, virtuosic touch plus the clarity and nuance of a great jazz pianist..."

    – American Record Guide

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