Pinsk & Blue

Andre Emelianoff (cello), Patricia Spencer (flute), Lois Martin (viola), David Bowlin (violin), Danny Mallon (riq), James Rio (tenor), Victor Schultz (violin), Meighan Stoops (clarinet), Yevgenia Strenger (violin), William Schimmel (accordion), Eva Gruesser (violin), Paul Sperry (tenor), The Da Capo Chamber Players

Catalog #: TROY0923
Release Date: May 1, 2007
Format: Digital

One of the most telling indications of a composer's worth in our glutted musical marketplace is the response of one's fellow music-makers: those who create it as well as those who perform it. And in this regard, Alla Borzova, a Russian-trained composer-pianist from Belarus, is fortunate to claim the global microcosm of New York as her adopted backyard. When a composer of exalted stature praises one's music, the informed public tends to take notice. And well they should, when a modern master like John Corigliano speaks of Borzova's "extraordinary voice" and her "arresting and dynamic" music. David del Tredici finds "genius" (it takes one to know one) and "huge emotional impact" in her work. This engaging CD, preserving some of Alla's finest smaller-scale creations, reveals her sponge-like knack for soaking up far-flung musical influences wherever she goes. Arabic flavors - complete with third-tones, vocal quavers and other idiomatic touches - help to bring out the stark tragedy and outright insanity of her lovelorn Majnun Songs. Her American exposure has left her with a new-found taste for American jazz, as heard in her Pinsk and Blue - an amazing piece for accordion and piano. It is not easy to pin Borzova down stylistically - you'll hear everything from unaffected folk-tunes to cunning and sophisticated tone-rows from her.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Majnun Songs Alla Borzova James Rio, tenor, Da Capo Chamber Players: Patricia Spencer, flute, David Bowlin, violin, Andre Emelianoff, cello; Daniel Mallon, riq, Victor Schultz, violin, Lois Martin, viola, Alla Borzova, conductor
Scherzo Alla Borzova Meighan Stoops, clarinet, Alla Borzova, piano
Images Françaises Alla Borzova Yevgenia Strenger, violin, Alla Borzova, piano
Pinsk & Blue Alla Borzova William Schimmel, accordion, Alla Borzova, piano
Mother Said Alla Borzova Paul Sperry, tenor, Da Capo Chamber Players: Jo-Ann Sternberg, clarinet, Lisa Moore, piano, Eva Gruesser, violin, Andre Emelianoff, cello; Gabriel Kovach, French horn/shofar, William Ruyle, percussion/cimbalim, Rozanna Weinberger, viola, Alla Borzova, conductor


  • "Belarussian-born, Russian-trained Alla Borzova, a protégée of John Corigliano and David Del Tredici, has assembled some of the most attractive talent available in her adopted city of New York and put out an album that can only be described as a hoot...The diversity and high level of inspiration on the album ranges from lovesick 7th century Arabic poety (ably translated into English by Ann Michael) to the hysterical cycle of poems by Hal Sirowitz, commissioned and zestfully sung by the delightful Paul Sperry. A must have."

    – The New Music Connoisseur

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