Dark Love in Wonderland

Yulia Iglinova (violin), Ilona Timchenko (piano), Anton Gakkel (cello), Julia Malkova (viola), Fatum String Trio

Catalog #: TROY1043
Release Date: September 1, 2008
Format: Digital

José Luis Greco's premiere recording of works for strings and piano is a stunningly beautiful illustration of what can be achieved when one's personal philosophy of life is translated into sound. Indeed, what may not be known about the New York-born, Madrid based composer (whose musical output encompasses works for theatre and ballet, piano, orchestra, voice, and opera) is how much his philosophy, largely influenced by the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, inspires his compositions. Dark Love in Wonderland may be heard as a metaphor for how we experience our world within the totality of its contradictions. Greco is a member of the Royal Spanish American Academy of Science, Arts and Letters and his music has been performed all over the world.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Dark Love José Luis Greco Yulia Iglinova, violin, Ilona Timchenko, piano
Nila José Luis Greco Anton Gakkel, cello, Ilona Timchenko, piano
Southern Comfort José Luis Greco Julia Malkova, viola, Ilona Timchenko, piano
Wonderland José Luis Greco Fatum String Trio


  • "Stripping tonal music of its superficiality, José Luis Greco's music brilliantly expands and exploits instrumental possibilities in a hard-edged Debussy-style impressionist haze haunted by a driven flow of sound and texture and occasionally illuminated by tuneful melodies."

    – Gramophone

  • "[Jose Luis Greco's] music is highly evocative of all kinds of people and places, from Garcia Lorca to Danbury, Connecticut. He has a sensitive ear for sounds and balances but melody and harmony are his language as well."

    – American Record Guide

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