Ketty Nez: Listen to a Wonder Never Heard Before!

Ketty Nez (piano), Katie Wolfe (violin), Ari Streisfeld (violin), Mark Berger (viola), Ex Novo Ensemble, members

Catalog #: TROY1169
Release Date: February 1, 2010
Format: Digital

Composer/pianist Ketty Nez joined the composition and theory department at the Boston University School of Music in the fall of 2005. Ms. Nez completed a residence of several months at the École Nationale de Musique in Montbéliard, France, prior to the premiere of her chamber opera An Opera in Devolution: Drama in 540 Seconds, at the 2003 Seventh Festival Avantgarde in Munich. She comments: "The five recent chamber works on this recording, Postcards from the 1930's, timed curves, between, before, and wind down ii, were written for myself to play, and were composed after moving to Boston in 2005 to start teaching at Boston University while the most recent work on this recording, and marking a departure of sorts, Postcards from the 1930's was the byproduct of my everlasting curiosity for the sounds and rhythms of my own ethnic backgrounds, a mixture of Slovenian and Slavic Macedonian.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Postcards from the 1930s Ketty Nez Katie Wolfe, violin, Ketty Nez, piano
timed curves Ketty Nez Ex Novo Ensemble, Ketty Nez, piano
between Ketty Nez Katie Wolfe, violin, Ketty Nez, piano
before Ketty Nez Ari streisfeld, violin, Ketty Nez, piano
wind down ii Ketty Nez Mark Berger, viola, Ketty Nez, piano

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