Donald Womack: Walk Across the Surface of the Sun

Ignace Jang (violin), Reiko Kimura (koto), Thomas Rosenkranz (piano), I-Bei Lin (cello), Reiko Kimura (21-string koto), Seizan Sakata (shakuhachi), Aura-J

Catalog #: TROY1175
Release Date: March 1, 2010
Format: Digital

Donald Reid Womack is the composer of more than 80 works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solo instruments and voice. He received a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to live and work in Japan. His work with Japanese and other Asian instruments has placed him at the vanguard of East-West cross-cultural fertilization and has enabled him to make a significant contribution to the body of new literature for Asian instruments, both alone and in combination with Western instruments. His music combines a rich tonal language with an intricate use of color and texture and an exploration of multiple perceptions of rhythm.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Walk Across the Surface of the Sun Donald Reid Womack Aura-J
strung out Donald Reid Womack Ignace Jang,violin, Reiko Kimura, koto
An Infinite Moment Donald Reid Womack Ignace Jang, violin, Thomas Rosenkranz, piano
Scherzophrenic Donald Reid Womack I-Bei Lin, cello
Koto Coloring Book Donald Reid Womack Reiko Kimura, 21-string koto
water (falls) Donald Reid Womack Thomas Rosenkranz, piano
A Glinting Edge of Sky Donald Reid Womack Seizan Sakata, shakuhachi, Reiko Kimura, 21-string koto
A Little Something Extra Donald Reid Womack Ignace Jang, violin, Thomas Rosenkranz, piano

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