An American Dream

Andrea Fullington, Frost Symphony Orchestra, Leila Dione Ezra, HGNM Chamber Orchestra, Zoe Zeniodi, Brad Lubman

Catalog #: TROY1258
Release Date: April 1, 2011
Format: Digital

Two works for soprano and orchestra by American composers comprise this recording. Frank Ticheli composed An American Dream as his fifth and final work for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra during his seven-year tenure as the orchestra's Composer-in-Residence. Based on a text by Philip Littell, the work addresses the conscious and unconscious sea of anxiety during the winding down of 20th-century America. Lansing McLoskey has chosen to excerpt lines for his text for Prex Penitentialis from two works by Petrarch: the Canzoniere, a collection of love poems, and Septem Psalmi Penitentialis, in which the civil war between body and soul is made explicitly and profoundly clear.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
An American Dream Frank Ticheli Leilah Dione Ezra, soprano, Frost Symphony Orchestra, Zoe Zeniodi, conductor
Prex Penitentialis Lansing McLoskey Andrea Fullington, soprano, HGNM Chamber Orchestra, Brad Lubman, conductor


  • "Prex Penitentialis...[is] an evocative and inspired work that does a great job of connecting the centuries old script with today's troubled psyche. ...Two modern works...that resonate with the listener and don't attempt to alienate their audience."

    – Classical Music Sentinel

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