Hoffer: Cosmic

Bayla Keyes (violin), Geoffrey Burleson (piano), Jan Muller-Szeraws (cello), Roger Tapping (viola), Albert Regni (saxophone), Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman

Catalog #: TROY1373
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Format: Digital

Members of the renowned Boston Musica Viva perform three works by Bernard Hoffer, including a work commissioned by them, Concerto di Camera that features their spectacular cellist Jan Müller-Szeraws. Born in 1934 in Zurich, Switzerland, Bernard Hoffer attended Eastman where he studied with Bernard Rogers, Wayne Barlow, Paul White and Herman Genhart. After serving as arranger for the U.S. Army Field Band of Washington, D.C., he settled in New York, working as a freelance musician, composer, conductor and arranger. He is known not only for his chamber and orchestral music but also for works written for films, television and commercials, including the theme for the PBS New Hour, PBS's The American Experience and the hit children's cartoon series Thundercats.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano "Cosmic" Bernard Hoffer Bayla Keyes, violin, Jan Müller ller-Szeraws, cello, Geoffrey Burleson, piano
Five Anecdotes for Saxophone & String Trio Bernard Hoffer Albert Regni, saxophones, Bayla Keyes, violin, Jan Müller ller-Szeraws, cello, Roger Tapping, viola, Richard Pittman, conductor
Concerto di Camera II for Cello and Chamber Ensemble Bernard Hoffer Jan Müller ller-Szeraws, cello, Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, conductor

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