Rosa Antonelli

Catalog #: TROY1783
Release Date: July 1, 2019
Format: Digital

The title of this recording -- Bridges -- implies connections. The bridges invoked on this disc are a series of personal and musical connections between five composers that lead from the 19th century piano virtuoso Chopin to 20th century tango master Piazzolla -- links from mentor to student through five generations: Chopin; Mathias; Williams; Ginastera; Piazzolla. All five composers were immigrants, literally and/or musically, so underlying the repertoire on this disc is the free exchange of ideas that come from travel and immigration. This program has been selected by Rosa Antonelli, a pianist who has championed repertoire from Latin America, particularly from her homeland of Argentina -- often resurrecting little-known jewels. Antonelli, a Steinway Artist since 1998, is one of today's leading performers, who has toured extensively, with more than 1,000 concerts in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America to her credit. Her three previous recordings on Albany Records have received rave reviews from critics.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Nocturne No. 20 in C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth. Frédéric Chopin Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Nocturne No. 14 in F Sharp Minor, Op. 48, No. 2 Frédéric Chopin Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Waltz No. 11 in G Flat, Op. 70, No. 1 Frédéric Chopin Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Romance Sans Paroles Op. 18, No. 4 Georges Mathias Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Caprice - Valse Op. 38, No. 1 Georges Mathias Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Valse Op. 29, No. 3 Alberto Williams Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Novellette Op. 8 Alberto Williams Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Huella Op. 46, No. 1 Alberto Williams Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Estancia Alberto Ginastera Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Twelve American Preludes Alberto Ginastera Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Milonga Alberto Ginastera Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Balada para un Loco - Slow tango Astor Piazzolla Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Oblivion Tango - Slow tango Astor Piazzolla Rosa Antonelli (piano)
La Partida - Zamba Canción Astor Piazzolla Rosa Antonelli (piano)
Yo soy el Negro - Candombe Astor Piazzolla Rosa Antonelli (piano)


  • "Antonelli's performance is so nuanced and mesmerizing; only a musician of her expertise and emotional dedication could play both Chopin's nocturnes and Piazzolla's tangos. She is a master of these forms and in her hands the bridge that links these seemingly complete opposites does not seem like such a far-flung concept. I will listen to this album for many years, and always with a sense of deep gratitude and admiration."

    – Fanfare

  • "An exploration of connections, this is a terrific example of how to shape a recital program on disc. The title, Bridges, of course refers to connections between composers and, indeed, vernaculars. The connections here are from teacher to pupil, but also lead from the salons of Paris to Latin America. A Steinway Artist since 1998, Argentine pianist Rosa Antonelli takes us on a five-generational journey, in the process shining a light back on her excellent previous Albany album, Abrazando: Latin Embrace (positively reviewed by myself in Fanfare 39:3). The musicality of this program is beyond question, and Antonelli is a fine pianist. If one might wish for a more rounded piano recording, it is not enough to knock the disc off from a recommendation. "

    – Fanfare

  • "It is hard not to like this pianist, and she is recorded most beautifully."

    – American Record Guide

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