Laura Klock, Lynn Klock, Clifton J. Noble, Jr., Paul Kinsman, Michael Compitello, Elizabeth Chang, Salvatore Macchia, Catherine McMichael, Scott Bailey

Catalog #: TROY1815
Release Date: May 1, 2020
Format: Digital
Wind Ensemble

This is Lynn Klock's third recording for Albany Records — with music on all three discs written for him. Klock's commitment to enriching the repertoire for saxophone is unparalleled, having premiered more than 100 works. For this recording composers Clifton J. Noble, Jr., Emanuel Rubin, Paul Kinsman, Salvatore Macchia, and Catherine McMichael have written compositions for saxophone ranging from saxophone alone to a chamber work for saxophone, horn, percussion, violin, and contrabass. Retired from the faculty at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Professor Emeritus Lynn Klock continues to appear as a soloist, clinician, and teacher throughout the U.S. and abroad. His colleagues on this recording include composer/pianists Clifton J. Noble, Jr.; Paul Kinsman; and Catherine McMichael; as well as Laura Klock, horn; Elizabeth Chang, violin; Salvatore Macchia, contrabass; Michael Compitello, percussion; and Scott Bailey, piano.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Trio for Alto Saxophone, Horn & Piano Clifton J. Noble, Jr. Lynn Klock (alto saxophone); Laura Klock (horn); Clifton J. Noble, Jr. (piano)
Prelude for Alto Saxophone Emanuel Rubin Lynn Klock (alto saxophone)
Amherst Etudes for Alto Saxophone & Piano Paul Kinsman Lynn Klock (alto saxophone); Paul Kinsman (piano)
Ritual III for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Vibraphone/Crotales, Violin & Contrabass Salvatore Macchia Lynn Klock (alto saxophone); Laura Klock (horn); Elizabeth Chang (violin); Salvatore Macchia (contrabass); Michael Compitello (percussion)
On a Snowy Evening for Horn, Soprano Saxophone & Piano Catherine McMichael Lynn Klock (soprano saxophone); Laura Klock (horn); Catherine McMichael (piano)
Sonata Reminisenza for Alto Saxophone & Piano Salvatore Macchia Lynn Klock (alto saxophone); Scott Bailey (piano)


  • "Klock has put together an interesting and rewarding program for this disc; four of the five composers presented were not even names to me, so I was glad to make acquaintance with their music, as they all have something worthwhile to say. Klock and his colleagues all perform with skill and brilliance. The rounded and darker sound of this saxophonist leads me to speculate that he may be playing on an older Selmar (or possibly Caravan) mouthpiece. In any case, his tone is nothing less than full and pleasing, as is his technical prowess on his instrument(s). Saxophonists will want to explore this disc, as there's not a weak work on it, and most of them are always on the prowl for good new repertory. Non-saxophonists among Fanfare's readership, presuming their interest in that instrument, should give this disc a go as well, as it offers many rewards."

    – Fanfare

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