Gradus: Music by David Claman

Mark Zaki, Matthew Wuolle, Steve Mackey, David Reck, Usha Narsimhan, Sankari Krishman, David Claman, John McDonald, Elizabeth Farnum, Stephan Winkler, Paul Poovathinga, Deena Abu-Lughod, Sunita Vatuk, Ian Rosenbaum, Tara Helen O'Connor, New Thread Saxophone Quartet, Susannah Chapman, Calvin Wiersma

Catalog #: TROY1837
Release Date: October 1, 2020
Format: Digital

David Claman is on the faculty of Lehman College-CUNY. A graduate of Wesleyan, the University of Colorado, and Princeton, he has received grants, commissions, and fellowships from numerous organizations, including the Fromm Foundation and the American Institute of Indian Studies. This recording offers an overview of his passions and interests — including the poetry and sentiments of Tamil sayings from the first century A.D., the compositions of South Indian composer Syama Sastri; Moby Dick; and The Travels of Sir John Mandeville. His composition armory includes consumer electronics, conventional instruments, and live improvisation.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
Loose Canons II David Claman Steve Mackey (guitar); Matthew Wuolle (guitar); Mark Zaki (guitar)
The Next Number David Claman David Claman (voice); Sankari Krishman (voice); Usha Narsimhan (voice); David Reck (voice); computer processed
From a Dream David Claman Elizabeth Farnum (soprano); John McDonald (piano)
Rescue the Dead David Claman Elizabeth Farnum (soprano); John McDonald (piano)
Mandeville Pentacle David Claman Sunita Vatuk (synthesized voice); Deena Abu-Lughod (synthesized voice); Paul Poovathingal (synthesized voice); Stephan Winkler (synthesized voice); computer processed
Variations on "Amba Karnakshi" David Claman Tara Helen O'Connor (alto flute); Ian Rosenbaum (percussion)
Piece of Work David Claman David Claman (computer)
Liberties Taken David Claman New Thread Saxophone Quartet
Avaley Taan David Claman Jessica Bowers (mezzo-soprano); Oren Fader (guitar); Elizabeth Farnum (soprano); William Anderson (mandolin); Susannah Chapman (cello); Calvin Wiersma (violin)
Like This David Claman Susannah Chapman (cello); Calvin Weirsma (violin)
Loomings David Claman Sunita Vatuk (voice); computer processed
Brit David Claman David Claman (voice); computer processed
Loose Canons II-IV David Claman Steve Mackey (guitar); Matthew Wuolle (guitar); Mark Zaki (guitar)

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