Little Spectacle

Jessica Lindsey, Christy Banks

Catalog #: TROY1882
Release Date: November 1, 2021
Format: Digital

Clarinetists Jessica Lindsey and Christy Banks formed the Spatial Forces Duo in 2008 and since that time have toured the U.S., Canada, China, Italy, New Zealand, and Belgium. Their goal is to stretch the sonic possibilities of the traditional clarinet duo and have commissioned composers of diverse backgrounds to write works for them. Christy Banks is on the faculty at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and has studied at the University of Nebraska and Florida State University. She is bass clarinetist for the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra. Jessica Lindsey, on the faculty at UNC Charlotte, and has studied at the University of Nebraska and the University of Colorado. She performs with the Nebraska Chamber Orchestra.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
This Changes Everything Alex Temple Christy Banks (clarinet); Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet)
BiValve Rusty Banks Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet); Christy Banks (bass clarinet)
District Grooves Sarah Horick Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet); Christy Banks (bass clarinet)
little spectacle Cory Dundee Christy Banks (clarinet); Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet)
At Least One Meredith Butterworth Christy Banks (clarinet); Jessica Lindsey (clarinet); Christy Banks (bass clarinet)
The View from Dead Horse Point John Drumheller Christy Banks (clarinet); Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet)
Beast Jessica Lindsey Jessica Lindsey (bass clarinet); Christy Banks (bass clarinet)


  • Right from the first moment, this disc promises to be a lot of fun. The Spatial Forces Duo of Christy Banks and Jessica Lindsey presents music for clarinets and electronics.…This is a great disc. With the exception perhpas of a slightly playful title, there is little to indicate that this is such a remarkable musical journey, one that traverses both comedy and profundity with equal ease. Production values are faultless.

    – Fanfare

  • The Clarinetists Jessica Lindsey and Christy Banks have been plugging away as Spatial Forces Duo for well over a decade now, and in that time they sure have pushed the boundaries of their instrument as they’ve commissioned a very diverse set of composers to write songs for them. Alex Temple’s “This Changes Everything” opens the listen with Banks’ b-flat clarinet and Lindsey’s bass clarinet interacting playfully amid the intially busy atmosphere and retreats to calm further into the track, and “Bivalve” follows with a lower register as Lindsey’s bass clarinet is manipulated with much skill and poise. Further on, the title track, by Corey Dundee, moves calmly, with much emotion in Banks’ b-flat clarinet, while “At Least One” buzzes more firmly with Lindsey’s b-flat prowess providing much towards the mood. The final two tracks, “GEcho Chamber” and “Load Of Bull”, use electronics in a sci-fi sort of way that meshes with the classical spirit of the woodwinds in unpredictable and exciting ways, where the latter even sounds like a bull. Both Lindsey and Banks have exceptional resumes, and their collective strengths make for a very atypical listening experience that you’re not going to hear anywhere else.

    – Take Effect

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