Bradley Ellingboe: StarSong

Albany Pro Musica, Dann Coakwell (tenor), American Modern Ensemble, José Daniel Flores-Caraballo (conductor)

Catalog #: TROY1960
Release Date: December 31, 2023
Format: Digital

Composer Bradley Ellingboe says that the central premise of StarSong is that the atoms that make up our bodies — and the stars themselves — are immeasurably old. They existed before the combined into the unique form that makes us humans, and all these atoms and molecules and electrons vibrate, just like sound and light. The work is in 12 movements that include an overture and 11 texts set to music. Ellingboe has had a wide-ranging career in the world of singing, including composing, as a soloist, a conductor, scholar, and teacher. He served as the Composer-in-Residence for Albany Pro Music for the 2020-2023 seasons. Albany Pro Musica is the preeminent choral ensemble in New York’s Capital Region, and is know for its exceptional technical competency, artistry, and relevant programming. Conductor José Daniel Flores-Caraballo is the widely acclaimed conductor of Albany Pro Musica. A trained organist and celebrated choral and orchestral conductor, he served as Dean of Academic Affairs at the Conservatory of Music in San Juan. The stunning art on the cover was done by Carlos Flores.


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Track Listing

Title Composer Performer
StarSong Bradley Ellingboe Albany Pro Musica; American Modern Ensemble; Dann Coakwell (tenor); José Daniel Flores-Caraballo (conductor)

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