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CARL MAULTSBY Eye of the Sparrow price: $16.99
HARVARD GLEE CLUB American Choral Music price: $16.99
NEW ENGLAND VOICES River of Love price: $16.99
ALVIN SINGLETON Sing to the Sun price: $16.99
COUNTERPOINT Let Me Fly price: $16.99
PABLO ORTIZ Oscuro price: $16.99
JOHN DUFFY JoAnn Falletta Conducts Duffy price: $16.99
COUNTERPOINT Shalom price: $16.99
JACOB AVSHALOMOV Choral Works price: $16.99
COUNTERPOINT Counterpoint Sings Noel price: $16.99
RANDALL THOMPSON, RON NELSON The Road Less Traveled price: $16.99
JOHN SCHLENCK Seek the Eternal price: $16.99
FRANK LEWIN Sacred Music price: $16.99
PETER DICKINSON Pianos, Voices & Brass price: $16.99
JOHANNES SOMARY Taroko Concerto price: $16.99
ARIEL RAMIREZ Misa Criolla price: $16.99
ALEXANDER LEVINE Kolokola price: $16.99
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI CHORALE What Dreams May Come price: $16.99
JOHN SCHLENCK Kanyakumari: Vivekananda at Land's End - A Choral Cantata price: $16.99
MARGARET GARWOOD Choral Trilogy price: $16.99
CHARLES WUORINEN Genesis price: $16.99
COUNTERPOINT When The Rabbi Danced price: $16.99
HERBERT BIELAWA Voices price: $16.99
EDWARD COLLINS Hymn to the Earth, Vol VI price: $16.99
ROBERT MAGGIO The Wishing Tree price: $16.99
WILLIAM McCLELLAND The Revenge of Hamish price: $16.99
EDWIN LONDON Scenes price: $16.99
JOHN SCHLENCK Raise the Self by the Self price: $16.99
NEW AMSTERDAM SINGERS Island of Hope price: $16.99
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI CHORALE Love of My Soul price: $16.99
ANDREW IMBRIE Spring Fever & Other Works price: $16.99
MICHAEL HORVIT The Mystic Flame price: $16.99
ROBERTO SIERRA Bayoan price: $16.99
MICHAEL DELLAIRA Five price: $16.99
SIRVART KARAMANUK Choral & Orchestral Music price: $16.99
AMERICAN HYMNS & SPIRITUALS Shall We Gather price: $16.99
JAMES ADLER Memento Mori: An AIDS Requiem price: $16.99
MENOTTI, GOTTLIEB, SCHAFER The Unicorn, The Gorgon and the Manticore price: $16.99
GEORGE LLOYD Requiem price: $16.99
LEES, SHAWN, CRESTON, BISHOP Two American Piano Concertos price: $16.99
RANDALL THOMPSON Music of Randall Thompson price: $16.99
MASTER CHORALE OF WASHINGTON Christmas with the Master Chorale price: $16.99
MASTER CHORALE Holocaust Cantata price: $16.99
RICHARD WILSON Choral Music of Richard Wilson price: $16.99
ANTHONY NEWMAN Absolute Joy price: $16.99
RONALD PERERA The Outermost House price: $16.99
JERRE TANNER The Kona Coffee Cantata price: $16.99
NED ROREM Choral Music of Ned Rorem price: $16.99
AMY BEACH Canticle Of The Sun price: $16.99
PACIFIC NORTHWEST COMPOSERS Portland State University Choir price: $16.99
JAMES YANNATOS Trinity Mass price: $16.99
LEO SOWERBY I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes price: $16.99
LEO SOWERBY The Throne of God price: $16.99
DAVID MASLANKA Mass price: $33.98
UNIV. OF MIAMI CHORALE Voices and Light price: $16.99
GEORGE LLOYD A Litany price: $16.99
LEO SOWERBY Christmas Music price: $16.99
PACIFIC CHORALE Music of Paulus & Hopkins price: $16.99
AMY BEACH Grand Mass in E Flat Major price: $16.99
ROOKE CHAPEL CHOIR On This Day Earth Shall Ring price: $16.99
GEORGE LLOYD The Vigil of Venus price: $16.99
ROY HARRIS I Hear America Singing! price: $16.99
ADOLPHUS HAILSTORK Choral Works price: $16.99
STEPHEN SHEWAN Chamber Works price: $16.99
HORATIO PARKER Hora Novissima price: $33.98
NEW AMSTERDAM SINGERS American Journey price: $16.99
SALAKS, PRAULLNS, SKULTE, DUBRA Christmas in Latvia price: $16.99
JACK BEESON In Praise of Singing price: $16.99
MARGARET S. MEIER But Joy Comes In The Morning price: $16.99
GEORGE LLOYD A Symphonic Mass price: $16.99
ROOKE CHAPEL CHOIR An American Collage price: $16.99
ANTON BRUCKNER Choral Works price: $16.99
JULIUS WILLIAMS Somewhere Far Away price: $16.99
BERNSTEIN, MOYSE, LEVI, CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO Counterpoint Premieres price: $16.99
ALAN SEIDLER Vocal & Choral Works price: $16.99
CARSON COOMAN The Revelations of Divine Love price: $16.99
VIRGIL THOMSON Heaven is Music price: $16.99
VIKTORS BASTIKS Christmas Cantata price: $16.99
WILLIAM SCHUMAN On Freedom's Ground price: $16.99
GRAHAM GORDON RAMSAY The Sacred Voice price: $16.99
ANDREW SIMPSON | ALFRED SCHNITTKE A Crown of Stars price: $16.99
ESENVALDS | PUCE | KALNINS Latvian Winterfest: Cantatas for the Christmas Season price: $16.99
DAVID ASHLEY WHITE As You Set Out For Ithaka price: $16.99
GEORGE WALKER | BRAHMS Mass price: $16.99
BURTON BEERMAN Tikvah price: $16.99
GREGG SMITH Music For An Urban Church price: $16.99
ZILVERIS | ZEMZARIS | RUPAINE | LACIS The Light of Christmas price: $16.99
TRADITIONAL Steal Away price: $16.99
THOMAS LLOYD Bonhoeffer A Choral-Theater Piece price: $16.99
SCHUMAN | COPLAND | FOSS | THOMPSON The Gregg Smith Singers: 20th Century American Choral Treasures price: $33.98
BRUNO SKULTE Land of Dreams price: $16.99
JAMES ADLER A Winter Triptych price: $3.99
PÄRT | REEVES | BECKER | HAILSTORK | GJEILO | DUNCAN I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes price: $16.99
DON WALKER Selected Choral Works price: $16.99
ROBERT KYR Paradiso price: $16.99
JOHNSON | MOORE | HAILSTORK | ELLINGTON | ANDERSON Bound for the Promised Land price: $16.99
MEZARAUPS | ALDINS | APKALNS | KALNINS | BERINO Five Latvian Cantatas price: $16.99
JEKABSONE | BRAUNS | JANSONS | SEJANS Latvian Christmas in the Winds of Time price: $16.99