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JOHN HARBISON Montale Occasions price: $16.99
JEAN BERGER The Songs of Jean Berger price: $16.99
NED ROREM Evidence of Things Not Seen price: $16.99
ERIC MOE Siren Songs price: $16.99
GERALD LEVINSON Here of Amazing Most Now price: $16.99
ROSS BAUER Ritual Fragments price: $16.98
ROBERT SCHUMANN Dichterliebe in Four Seasons price: $16.99
KAREN SMITH EMERSON, SOPRANO The Unquiet Heart price: $16.99
MORRIS ROSENZWEIG Cycles price: $16.99
THOMAS PASATIERI Songbook price: $16.99
ROBERT OWENS Fields of Wonder price: $16.99
LOUIS KARCHIN Matrix price: $16.99
RUTH SCHONTHAL Margaret Astrup Sings Ruth Schonthal price: $16.99
JUDITH KELLOCK, Soprano East Meets West price: $16.99
JOSEPH SUMMER Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day price: $16.99
NICHOLAS ANTHONY ASCIOTI Creation's Voice price: $16.99
DANIELLE WOERNER, SOPRANO Voices of the Valley price: $16.99
ADOLPHUS HAILSTORK Amazing Grace price: $16.99
DAVID CHAITKIN Poems of Love price: $16.99
LORI LAITMAN Becoming a Redwood price: $16.99
HALL JOHNSON He'll Bring It To Pass price: $16.99
WILL MARION COOK Swing Along price: $33.98
RICHARD THOMPSON Poetry Prelude price: $16.99
DAVID DIAMOND A Diamond Jubilee price: $16.99
GEORG FRIDERIC HANDEL Scorned and Betrayed price: $16.99
JUDITH WEIR The Consolations of Scholarship price: $16.99
LOUIS KARCHIN Orpheus and Other Vocal Works price: $16.99
NED ROREM Miss Julie price: $33.98
PETER DICKINSON Pianos, Voices & Brass price: $16.99
EDWARD KNIGHT Where the Sunsets Bleed price: $16.99
JOSEPH SUMMER What a Piece of Work is Man price: $16.99
LARRY BELL Vocal Music price: $16.99
BORZOVA | RODRIGUEZ | SMITH | GRUENBERG Laugh, Regardless of Creed price: $16.99
JULIANNE BAIRD, SOPRANO Jane Austen's Songbook price: $16.99
ANGELA BROWN, soprano Mosaic: African-American Spirituals price: $16.99
TOM CIPULLO Secrets price: $16.99
BETH ANDERSON Quilt Music price: $16.99
GEORGE WALKER Composer/Pianist price: $16.99
ARTHUR HONEGGER, JACQUES LEGUERNEY The Songs of Arthur Honegger and Jacques Leguerney price: $16.99
CHARLES WUORINEN The Haroun Songbook price: $16.99
LARSEN, HAGEN, MORAVEC, CIPULLO New American Song Cycles price: $16.99
LIBBY LARSEN Grand Larsen-y price: $16.99
ROBERT LOMBARDO Works for Mandolin price: $16.99
WARREN M. SWENSON Battle Pieces price: $16.99
CIOMPI QUARTET Melancholie price: $16.99
GENA BRANSCOMBE Ah! Love, I Shall Find Thee price: $16.99
ORAL MOSES, Bass-Baritone Spirituals in Zion price: $16.99
VICTORIA BOND Yes price: $16.99
CHRISTOPHER BERG Un Américain à Paris price: $16.99
LORI LAITMAN Dreaming price: $16.99
JULIANNE BAIRD, SOPRANO Soprano Arias with Trumpet and Organ price: $16.99
LISA KIRCHNER When Lights Are Low price: $16.99
SHAUNA HOLIMAN New Growth price: $16.99
JULIANNE BAIRD Rossini in Venice price: $16.99
FRANK LEWIN Three Song Cycles price: $16.99
DAWN HOLT LAUBER, SOPRANO Something Borrowed, Something Blue price: $16.99
MICHAEL DELLAIRA Five price: $16.99
AMEN! African-American Songs & Spirituals price: $16.99
HAROLD BLUMENFELD Mythologies price: $16.99
CARRIE JACOBS-BOND Songs My Grandmother Taught Me price: $16.99
ROBERT XAVIER RODRIGUEZ Works for Chorus & Orchestra price: $16.99
H. LESLIE ADAMS Love Rejoices price: $16.99
FRAZELLE, WARD, WARDELL Return - Art Songs from Carolina price: $16.99
BERNARD STEVENS The Shadow of the Glen price: $16.99
LISA KIRCHNER One More Rhyme price: $16.99
FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN Piercing Eyes price: $16.99
ALEC WILDER Songs price: $16.99
LORI LAITMAN Mystery price: $16.99
JOHN ALDEN CARPENTER Songs of John Alden Carpenter price: $16.99
JACK BEESON Fire, Fire, Quench Desire price: $16.99
DAVID PATTERSON Saving Daylight Time price: $16.99
GARDNER READ Songs of Gardner Read price: $16.99
HARRY T. BURLEIGH Songs & Spirituals price: $16.99
WILLIAM BROWN, TENOR Fi-Yer! price: $16.99
JEAN DANTON, SOPRANO American Dreamer price: $16.99
BOLCOM & MORRIS Moonlight Bay price: $16.99
LINN MAXWELL KELLER, SOPRANO Gershwin Among Friends price: $16.99
VIRGIL THOMSON Songs of Virgil Thomson price: $16.99
SONGS OF INNOCENCE Jean Danton, soprano price: $16.99
JACOB AVSHALOMOV 24 Songs price: $16.99
HENRY COWELL Songs of Henry Cowell price: $16.99
LEO SOWERBY My Love Unspoken price: $16.99
RHODES & WILLIAMS American Vocal Duets price: $16.99
JENNI FROST, SOPRANO Songs From The Heart price: $16.99
HENRY PURCELL From Rosy Bow'rs price: $16.99
MARY ANN HART, MEZZO Permit Me Voyage price: $16.99
SCHUMANN, POLDOWSKI, BEACH Songs by Women Composers price: $16.99
STEPHEN SWANSON, BARITONE Was My Brother In The Battle? price: $16.99
ELEM ELEY, BARITONE Drifts and Shadows price: $16.99
PAULUS, DOWNEY, YANNAY, FAITH, MOLLICONE Songs of Love and Longing price: $16.99
HAROLD BLUMENFELD Vers Satanique price: $16.99
BERG, HAGEN, PLATT Cosmic & Domestic Matters price: $16.99
CARLOS GUASTAVINO Flores Argentinas price: $16.99
JOHN JACOB NILES The Lass from the Low Countree price: $16.99
ORAL MOSES, BASS-BARITONE Oral Moses Sings Songs of America price: $16.99
RICHARD PEARSON THOMAS Love & The Dickens price: $16.99
CARVER BLANCHARD, LUTE Lute Unleashed price: $16.99
PAUL SPERRY, TENOR An American Sampler price: $16.99
LINN MAXWELL, MEZZO Romances of the Russian Masters price: $16.99
CHILD'S SONG Songs & Poems price: $16.99
PAUL SPERRY, TENOR SINGS American Cycles & Sets price: $16.99
UNSQUARE DANCE Crofut & Brubeck price: $16.99
PAUL SPERRY, TENOR Romantic American Songs price: $16.99
STEPHEN PAULUS Songs price: $16.99
PAUL SPERRY, TENOR Songs of an Innocent Age price: $16.99
JOSEPH FENNIMORE Berlitz: Introduction to French price: $16.99
CARY RATCLIFF Kathryn Lewek Sings Cary Ratcliff price: $16.99
LISA KIRCHNER In the Shadow of a Crow price: $16.99
MIMMI FULMER & LEONE BUYSE American Vistas price: $16.99
LEE HOIBY Songs of Lee Hoiby price: $16.99
MARY NESSINGER & JEANNE GOLAN Innocence Lost price: $16.99
LORI LAITMAN Within These Spaces price: $16.99
DAVID FELDER Shamayim price: $16.99
TOM CIPULLO Landscape with Figures price: $16.99
CLAUDE DEBUSSY The Young Debussy price: $16.99
DARRYL TAYLOR How Sweet the Sound price: $16.99
GOMPPER | ROBERTS| THOMAS | STAMATELOS Shades of Love price: $16.99
LISA KIRCHNER Something to Sing About price: $16.99
GARY SMART The Major's Letter and Other Songs price: $16.99
C. Curtis-Smith Gold Are My Flowers price: $16.99
JAMES ADLER Reflections upon a September morn price: $1.99
OWENS | WILLIAMS | MORRIS Heart On The Wall price: $16.99
MECHEM | PASATIERI | ARGENTO | HOEKMAN From the Heartland price: $16.99
ARNOLD ROSNER Songs of Lightness and Angels price: $16.99
LOWELL LIEBERMANN Little Heaven price: $16.99
ALLAN BLANK Song Cycles With Double Bass price: $16.99
GOMPPER | RAVEL | REGER | FLANDERS & SWANN Animal Songs price: $16.99
ROGER C. VOGEL Things Fall Apart price: $16.99
HALL | LAITMAN | LARSEN | CLOUD In This Moment: Women and Their Songs price: $16.99
DeFEO | NASH | CIPULLO Open Thine Heart price: $16.99
ALVA HENDERSON Collected Songs of Alva Henderson price: $16.99
MARSHALL | LeBARON | WHITE | MONK Floodsongs price: $16.99
TRADITIONAL Come Down Angels price: $16.99
PAUL CRESTON Songs price: $16.99
MUSTO | SMITH | HALL I dwell in Possibility price: $16.99
ELSA RESPIGHI | MODESTA BOR | LORI LAITMAN Over the Fence: Songs by Respighi, Bor & Laitman price: $16.99
PETERIS PLAKIDIS You Wonder At My Song price: $16.99
MABRY | COE | PETERSON | VEHAR Modern American Art Song price: $16.99
RICHARD FELCIANO Vocal Music price: $16.99
JOHN HARBISON Songs After Hours price: $16.99
PAMELA DECKER Haven: Songs of Mystery and of Memory price: $16.99
SCLATER | LOCKLAIR | WALDEN | MUSTO Southerly: Art Songs of the American South price: $16.99
THOMSON | IVES | WHEELER | CHANLER | BAUER Songs To Fill The Void price: $16.99
STRAUSS | ULLMANN | TAUBE | WEBER | KLEIN | SIMON | GLANZBERG Songs of the Holocaust price: $16.99
DON WALKER The Thoughtfulness of Thirst price: $16.99
GREGG SMITH Delicious Numbers price: $16.99
RIGHINI | LINLEY | HIMMEL | KREUTZER | HENSEL La saison des fleurs: Songs for Voice & Fortepiano price: $16.99
FOOTE | CHADWICK | BEACH | HADLEY | MacDOWELL | DANIELS Love, The Fair Day price: $16.99
MAGGIO | IVES | CARTER | BARBER | BOYLE Lineage price: $16.99
LIBBY LARSEN A Strange, Wild Song price: $16.99
TOM CIPULLO The Garden – Songs & Vocal Chamber Music of Tom Cipullo price: $16.99
CHARLES IVES Charles Ives: A Portrait in Song price: $16.99
LINDA LISTER Pleas To Famous Fairies price: $16.99
FAURÉ | REGER | PINKHAM | SOWERBY | VIERNE | LITAIZE Sacred Song price: $16.99
WHEELER | SMITH | CONTE | D’ERCOLE Light Enough price: $16.99
ANDREA CLEARFIELD Women of Valor price: $16.99
HARBISON | PRIMOSCH | CROZIER | ROREM Vocalisms price: $33.98
DARON HAGEN Sacred & Profane: Duo Au Courant Performs Song Cycles of Daron Hagen price: $16.99
KILE SMITH In This Blue Room: Lyric Fest performs Songs of Kile Smith price: $16.99
CÉCIL CHAMINADE Songs by Cécil Chaminade price: $16.99
JIM LAHTI of death and the planets price: $25.00
YI | CHEN | HIRABAYASHI | HIRAI | ARREOLA | MA | SHIN | HONG | HIRAI | LEE The Boy Who Drew Cats price: $16.99
JOHNSON | BURLEIGH | BROWN | SMITH-MOORE | STILL | HAYES Sankofa: A Spiritual Reflection price: $16.99
WEIR | BRITTEN | MacCUNN Caledonian Scenes price: $16.99
SPILLMAN | LA FORGE | LAITMAN Let Evening Come: American Songs Old & New price: $16.99
DOYLE | GORDON | SHORE | FEARN | SONNTAG | VOTH Every Tiny Thing price: $16.99
CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR Nuit d'Étoiles: The Forgotten Songs of Charles-Marie Widor price: $16.99
ROBERT POUND Relics of Memory price: $16.99
JOSEPH MARX Hat er mir Rosen gebracht - Songs of Joseph Marx price: $16.99