New Releases

ALBERTO PATRON The Ten Aporetic Tropes price: $16.99
EFRAÍN AMAYA Constellations, A Chamber Opera price: $16.99
SASHA MATSON Cooperstown: A Jazz Opera in Nine Innings price: $16.99
JEKABSONE | BRAUNS | JANSONS | SEJANS Latvian Christmas in the Winds of Time price: $16.99
JOHANNES BRAHMS Violin Sonatas price: $16.99
LARRY ALAN SMITH | ROBERT CARL New Heartbeats: Janet Arms Performs Music of Robert Carl & Larry Alan Smith price: $16.99
DON WALKER A Mixed Bag - Music for Brass & Orchestra price: $16.99
AMELIA KAPLAN Amelia Kaplan: String Music price: $16.99
SHEILA SILVER Beauty Intolerable: Songs of Sheila Silver price: $33.98
NEIL ROLNICK Oceans Eat Cities price: $16.99
SUSAN KANDER dwb (driving while black) price: $16.99
KIRCHNER | SESSIONS | SCHOENBERG Transformations price: $16.99
MATTHEW SCHREIBEIS Sandburg Songs price: $16.99
JOSEPH FENNIMORE Blow: Music for Winds price: $16.99
DOUG BIELMEIER Ambient Works price: $16.99