Chamber Music, Vol. 3
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This third volume continues the series of chamber works by this distinguished American.

The composer writes: "Attracted I guess to the Dvorak Sextet and the two by Brahms, I ventured in 1970 to write a Sextet of my own. From the outset, I wanted the added symphonic richness afforded by six parts, but with each of the players having plenty of developmental and contrapuntal linear activity. The Lutheran hymn, Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland stimulated me, much more in the mid-Baroque setting by Praetorius than in the fully-tonal (and thus predictable if better known) J.S. Bach version. I decided to make this tune the crown of the Sextet. My Spanish Songs Besos sin Cuento resulted from two motivations, and it should be admitted from the outset that I have absolutely no knowledge of the Spanish language other than certain culinary terminology. For some time, I was drawn to the remarkable songs in the Sephardic tradition more than 500 years old and my motivation was to find some poetry of this heritage that had not yet been musically set. As I have felt driven to compose songs in as many languages as possible, I have also wanted to write sonatas or concertos for all the standard orchestral instruments. Over many years, I realized I had come fairly close, and decided in the mid 90s to fill in the gaps, at that time clarinet, bassoon, trombone and double bass. As of this writing (2002) only bassoon and double bass remain. The power and nobility of the trombone cannot and should not be denied, and my sonata, therefore, is rather
Arnold Rosner, composer
Sextet for Strings, Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland, op. 47
Sestetto Agosto

Arnold Rosner, composer
Besos sin cuento, op. 86

Arnold Rosner, composer
Sonata for Trombone and Piano, op. 106
Gregory Erickson trombone; Angelina Tallaj, piano

"My hat goes off to Albany for championing this excellent composer...serious, attractive, every-note-counts...." (American Record Guide)
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