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The second recording on Albany Records featuring the chamber music of this most interesting composer.

Jay Reise composes in all genres, and his teachers included musicians with a wide variety of stylistic approaches: George Crumb, jazz player Jimmy Guiffre, Carnatic (South Indian) violinist Adrian L'Armand, and Richard Wernick. As critic Peter Rabinowitz has written, "His work is firmly in the Western tradition. But because of the fresh perspectives offered by his study of Indian music, he has been able to rethink some specific problems facing contemporary Western art music..." Many disparate elements of classical musical technique are employed in the three works on this recording, including rhythms based on concepts freely derived from the study of Carnatic music and the juxtaposing of chromatically-treated modes (folk-derived and symmetrical) with quasi-functional tonal music.
Jay Reise, composer
Across the Horizons
Charles Abramovic, piano, Allison Herz, clarinet, Karen Bentley Pollick, violin, Michal Schmidt, cello

Jay Reise, composer
Open Night
Fresh Ink Players

Jay Reise, composer
Memory Refrains
Cassatt Quartet

"Jay Reise...writes music that is intensely engaging. It deploys traditional classical forms with assurance, yet possesses a spontaneous organicity that derives in part from the composer's interest in jazz and the rhythms of South Indian music." (Philadelphia Music Makers)

"Reise has full command of the expressive freely tonal musical language of the late 205h and early 21st centuries that has been adopted to a greater or lesser degree by many of the major talents of our era...Reise retains a distinctive voice in this style." (Fanfare)