Tribute to Chou Wen-Chung
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An 80th birthday tribute to an influential American composer.

The two programs on this double CD were presented at the Pacific Rim Music Festival in 2003. They were offered as part of the Festival's tribute to Chou Wen-chung in honor of his 80th birthday. What brought these works together is their relationship to Chou Wen-chung. Some were students; some associates and in the case of Varèse, Chou's teacher.
Chou Wen-chung, composer
Windswept Peaks
Ensemble Parall¸le, Nicole Paiement, conductor

Isang Yun, composer
John Sackett, clarinet

Joji Yuasa, composer
Projectio for String Trio
Bettina Mussumeli, violin, Jodi Levitz, viola, Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello

Chinary Ung, composer
Grand Alap
Adelle-Akiko Kearns, cello, Benjamin Paysen, percussion

Edgard Varè¸se, composer
New Music Ensemble at San Francisco Conservatory, Nicole Paiement, conductor

Hi Kyung Kim, composer
Trio, Sori
John Sackett, clainet, Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello, Seungmi Suh, daegeum

Bright Sheng, composer
For Movements for Piano Trio
Anna Presler, violin, Thalia Moore, cello, Karen Rosenak, piano

Zhou Long, composer
Empyrean Ensemble, J. Karla Lemon, conductor

Pablo Ortiz, composer
Peter Josheff, clarinet, Anna Presler, violin, Karen Rosenak, piano

Edmund Campion, composervMelt me so with thy delicious numbers
Ellen Ruth Rose, viola, electronics

James Tenney, composer
Harmonium #5
Ellen Gronningen, violin, Ellen Rose, viola, Thalia Moore, cello

Chen Yi, composer
Empyrean Ensemble, J. Karla Lemon, conductor

"In future histories of music...Chou Wen-Chung...will have an important place as a 'bridge' between cultures in an increasingly globalized world. ...Chou actually helped something important, even miraculous happen. By taking on the 'cleansing' practice of Modernism, he gave young composers (especially Asian) a tool to approach their heritage with an objectivity that made for fresh and bracing music, weighed down neither with needless nostalgia nor a 'colonial' legacy. This release clearly demonstrates that admirable accomplishment." (Fanfare)
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