Vocal & Choral Works
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A stellar group of performers bring Alan Seidler's moving compositions to life.

Born in New York City, Alan Seidler studied at The Juilliard School, but after leaving Juilliard, his career took a left turn and he soon became one of the pioneers of the Blues and Ragtime revival of the 1970s. The most successful of his recordings from this era was The Duke of Ook, which became and still remains a cult classic. In the late 1980s he returned to composition and in the past decade, he has focused primarily on vocal and choral works.
Alan Seidler, composer
Laura Last, soprano, Linda Wetherill, flute, Akayo Neidich, clarinet, Anthony Cecere, horn, William Trigg, timpani, Kory Grossman & Chris Nappi, percussion, Daniel Spiegel, piano, Gregor Kitzis, violin, Michael Finckel, cello

Alan Seidler, composer
Two Sacred Pieces
The Collegiate Chorale, Frank Nemhauser, conductor

Alan Seidler, composer
In the Arc of Your Mallet
Laura Last, soprano, Linda Wetherill, flute, Ayako Neidich, clarinet, Susan Jolles, harp, William Trigg, Chris Nappi, Frank Cassara & Jeffrey Kraus, percussion, Martha Mooke, viola, Michael Finckel, cello

Alan Seidler, composer
The Mystic Trumpeter
Laura Last, soprano, Steven Goldstein, tenor, Graham Ashton, trumpet, The Collegiate Chorale, Orchestra of Our Time, Joel Thome, conductor

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