The 99 Beautiful Names of God
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Pianist John Cheek performs J. Mark Scearce's "nobilissima visione" for solo piano.

The 99 Beautiful Names of God are the names by which Muslims regard God. Composer J. Mark Scearce was inspired to interpret these names into music from a desire to heal. He created 99 Beautiful Names in order to help a pianist friend, ill from cancer, by giving her a set of small pieces that she could play to bring her back to her instrument and through it, back to health. Pianist John Cheek comments that "Mark's nobilissima visione for solo piano aims to heal and give the listener some soul time: Intimate, respectful ruminations on the Godhead or visions of Almighty Power."
J. Mark Scearce, composer
The 99 Beautiful Names of God
John Cheek, piano

"What could have been just an exercise turns out to be quite compelling....sometimes reverent and reflective, sometimes bright and energetic." (

"...each of the short elegant compositions bear a stamp of originality. ...John Cheek's performance is brilliant. He's equally adept with jazz-like riffs and classical arabesques. Coaxing one luscious tone after another he transforms the two-dimensional world of musical notation into a beautifully choreographed dance of sound." (Classical Voice of North Carolina)

"A lofty idea imaginatively realized. ...John Cheek plays these 99 pieces...with precision, sensitivity, and vivid color. This is a serious engagement with Islamic cultureŠsomething all too rare in classical Western music." (American Record Guide)