Appendage and Other Stories
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Words and music are the focus of this recording of music by the esteemed Lawrence Dillon.

Lawrence Dillon is best known for his chamber music, with commissions, performances and recordings by the American, Borromeo, Cassatt, Daedalus, Emerson and Mendelssohn String Quartets; this recording is the first to feature some of his many works combining words and music. Composer in Residence at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Dillon began composing at the age of seven, despite the complete loss of hearing in one of his ears due to a childhood illness. Appendage and Other Stories is a collection of Dillon's works that combine words and music. Entrance and Exit use spoken text, Still Point is sung and Appendage alternates between spoken and sung text.
Lawrence Dillon, composer
Cinny Strickland, actor, Elizabeth Ransom, flute, Rebecca Nussbaum, alto flute, Jacqui Carrasco, violin, Sheila Browne, viola, Allison Gagnon, piano

Lawrence Dillon, composer
Still point
Theodora Hanslowe, mezzo-soprano, Hsin-Yun Huang, viola, Thomas Sauer, piano

Lawrence Dillon, composer
Lauren Flanigan, soprano, Stephen Williamson, clarinet, Taimur Sullivan, tenor saxophone, Arnaud Sussmann, violin, Richard O'Neill, viola, Clancy Newman, cello, Melvin Chen, piano, Ransom Wilson, conductor

Lawrence Dillon, composer
Robert Beseda, actor, Taimur Sullivan, alto saxophone, Judith Saxton, trumpet, Adele O'Dwyer, cello, Paul Sharpe, bass, Robert Rocco, piano

"I think music should be fun, moving, mysterious, beautiful, funny, and frightening. I don't expect it to be all of those things on the same CD, however. Nevertheless, this CD is all of those things and more, and even though I had never heard of Lawrence Dillon until this disc came in the mail, I now must number myself among his fans. ...If you have any interest in contemporary American chamber music, you really should hear Appendage and Other Stories." (Fanfare)
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