New People
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The Chiaroscuro Trio gives stunning performances of new works for voice, viola, and piano.

Four of the five works on this compact disc of new works for voice, viola and piano performed by the Chiaroscuro Trio are world premiere recordings. The only professional chamber ensemble dedicated to this instrumentation, the Chiaroscuro Trio has appeared as guest ensemble at various festivals and concert venues in the United States and will make their European debut in the summer of 2013. The Trio has selected contemporary American works that vary greatly, whether in personal styles of the composers, their background, the texts or the contradictory yet congruent aspects of life that they evoke. What makes these works American, is the sense that unity comes from diversity and plurality and that embracing and encouraging a melting pot of disparate voices and cultures, leads to a healthy and cohesive society and art. These five works are mindful of the past, reflective of our epoch, and relevant to the future.
Daniel Powers, composer
The Rain is Full of Ghosts
Chiaroscuro Trio

Rob Deemer, composer
Chiaroscuro Trio

Michael Colgrass, composer
New People
Chiaroscuro Trio

Jonathan Santore, composer
Front Porch Poems
Chiaroscuro Trio

Graham Reynolds, composer
Chiaroscuro Trio

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