Past Made Present: Music of Jessica Krash
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Anchored by two song cycles this new recording of Jessica Krash's music highlights her affinity for chamber music.

As the music on this recording so aptly demonstrates, Jessica Krash composes with the heart of a chamber musician. Her compositions look for conversations between musical lines, and for the shifts in feeling and outlook as these interactions deepen. Her works, which have wide-ranging emotions and textures, give space for performers to create nuanced shapes and tone colors while they respond to each other. The pieces on this recording are also a dialogue between old and new: old and new music and poetry; old and new musicians; old and new social, philosophical, and emotional issues. Krash's music has been presented in both traditional and experimental settings in Germany, Austria and around the U.S., including the major performance venues and museums in Washington, D.C. She is the recipient of numerous fellowships, awards, and commissions, and has given a series of chamber music masterclasses at Strathmore, and a series of lectures at the Library of Congress, the Kennedy Center, and NIH. This is her second recording for Albany Records.
Jessica Krash, composer
Young Vilna
members of the Washington Master Chorale; Ian Swensen, violin; Robert DiLutis, clarinet; Tanya Anisimova, cello; Thomas Colohan, conductor

Jessica Krash, composer
Sulpicia's Songs
Emily Noël, soprano; Jessica Krash, piano

Jessica Krash, composer
Turns of Phrase
Laura Kaufman, flute; Jessica Krash, piano

Jessica Krash, composer
The Cantigas de amigo of Martin Codax
Emily Noël, soprano; Jessica Krash, piano

Jessica Krash, composer
Delpi-What the Oracle Said
Tanya Anisimova, cello

"Named one of top 10 releases in 2018 by women composers" (Daffodil Perspective)"Composers who cloak their works in genre-agnostic garb of the post-Minimalist and indie classical styles get most of the attention now, but other approaches to contemporary musical language have not surrendered the field entirely.…Recent CDs by composers Jessica Krash, Harold Meltzer and Mark Applebaum show that there is still plenty to be said in hybrids that temper neo-Romantic lushness with post-tonal grittiness…Ms. Krash's Past Made Present offers five works in which she filters slices of the past through a contemporary sensibility.…"(Wall Street Journal)

"The intersection of past and present – past made present, as the disc’s title states – is nowhere more tellingly realised than in the second of Jessica Krash’s two song-cycles on this thoroughly engaging, thought-provoking programme. The Cantigas de amigo of Martin Codax (2015) are seven songs by the eponymous 13th-century Spanish minstrel to which Krash composed a ‘modern piano accompaniment' faithful to the emotional and structural ideas of the original songs’. The result is a truly vibrant fusion of past and present, the piano at times emulating medieval instruments, at others being itself. Krash also composed the vocal part for the sixth song, missing from the manuscript. It is a haunting cycle, full of youthful ardour and steely-eyed wistfulness.…Krash’s musical language is euphoniously tonal, chameleon-like in style, allowing her to create convincing works as different as the two song-cycles and the Impressionistic fantasy for flute, Turns of Phrase (2016), inspired by the shakuhachi and delightfully played by Laura Kaufman and the composer, a sensitive accompanist here as in the songs…Despite disparate provenance, the recordings sound well together and make a fine case for a fascinating composer. Well worth investigating." (Gramophone)

"As important to the continued viability of Classical Music as memorable performances by accomplished performers is the emergence of original, compelling compositional voices that communicate the modern world’s complex emotional conundrums in musical language that challenges, comforts, and uplifts…The pieces on Past Made Present speak with a creative voice that is at once wonderfully original and gratifyingly familiar…In the pieces on Past Made Present, Jessica Krash transforms the bittersweet sounds of looking back and forging ahead into music that makes sincerity audible." Record of the Month, April 2018 (Voix des Arts)
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