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Intriguing compositions for e-flat clarinet, expertly performed by Elizabeth Crawford.

Clarinetist Elizabeth Crawford is professor of music at Ball State University. She holds degrees from Furman University, the University of Michigan School of Music and Florida State University College of Music. She was a long-time member of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and has performed and recorded with major orchestras in the United Kingdom. An avid proponent of music for E-flat clarinet, Crawford has commissioned composers including three on this recording (Lori Ardovino, Jenni Brandon, and Scott McAllister) and transcribed compositions for the instrument. Crawford has performed and taught at festivals and universities throughout the world including Poland, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, and South Africa.
Daniel Dorff, composer
Dance Music for Mr. Mouse
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet); Lori Rhoden (piano)

Barney Childs, composer
Instant Winners
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet)

Jenni Brandon, composer
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet)

Lori Ardovino, composer
Eloquence IV
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet)

Scott McAllister, composer
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet)

Theresa Martin, composer
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet); Lori Rhoden (piano)

Max Lifchitz, composer
Yellow Ribbons #43
Elizabeth Crawford (e-flat clarinet)

"It should be obvious that there cannot be many recording out there devoted to a recital on the e-flat clarinet. Now, I can almost hear a cynic out there saying, "Well, even one is one too many!" O ye of little faith: cast away your doubts! The hearing of this disc will persuade you that a CD's worth of music for the smallest member of the clarinet family is indeed well worth an hour of your time.…Elizabeth Crawford is a fine artist, playing with impeccable intonation and technique, an possessed of a vivid musical imagination. Her collaborator in two of the works, pianist Lori Rhoden, likewise plays with precision and élan. The recorded sound is very natural and present.…" (Fanfare)
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