War & Peace (Blu-Ray)
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A multi-cultural work that combines art, dancing, with Western and Eastern cultures.

War & Peace is a video production released in Blu-Ray format and conceived as a total entertainment concept. The production combines artistic resources from other cultures with advancing techinologies in order to create music that impacts our senses in a manner seldom achieved before. Art, dancing, music, western and eastern cultures all combine to push the boundaries of musical entertainment by using new combinations of musical instruments, new multicultural art direction and new dance styles. War & Peace provides an entirely different visual and auditory impact to the audience. Entertaining sounds and rhythms, beautiful and meaningful visual imagery, and culturally diverse creative expressions are the hallmarks of War & Peace.
Jiaojiao Zhou, composer
War & Peace
Christianna McMullen (soprano); Quonshuai Li (violin); Sarah Whitnah (violin); Beth Rosbach (cello); Desmond Washington (percussion); Robert Ortiz (electric guitar); Barndon Heffernan (electric bass); Jin Too (Chinese percussion-electroganic percussion); Hui Liu (guzheng); Fanhe Liu (pipa); Yingying Zhang (bamboo flute); Jiaojiao Zhou (keyboard)

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