Across the Ages
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Haunting, beautifully performed works for cello by Alan Hovhaness.

Across the Ages features cello works written by the prolific American composer Alan Hovhaness (1911-200). Inspired by elements of ancient Armenian, Japanese, and Indian music, the collection of works reflects Hovhaness' renowned ability to synthesize different musical traditions. Utilizing the cello's rich and expressive nature, Hovhaness' music reveals the timeless connection we have to past civilizations, to nature, and to one another. Cellist Christina Gullans is an avid performer with an interest in music semiology. A former member of the Boston String Quartet, she has participated in numerous festivals, including Aspen, Spoleto, and Music Without Borders. She plays an American cello made by Charles Albert in 1886.
Alan Hovhaness, composer
Yakamochi for Violoncello Solo, Op. 193, No. 2
Christina Gullans (cello)

Alan Hovhaness, composer
Suite for Violoncello and Piano, Op. 193, No. 1
Christina Gullans (cello); Jeremy Fisell (piano)

Alan Hovhaness, composer
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, Op. 255
Christina Gullans (cello); Jeremy Fisell (piano)

Alan Hovhaness, composer
Nagooran for Violoncello, Timpani and 4 Percussion
Christina Gullans (cello); Adam Rosenlatt (timpani); Daniel Heagney (percussion); Jeff Stem (percussion); Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan (percussion); Nonoka Mizukami (percussion); Robert Dodelin (conductor)

"…Christina Gullans's cello produces rich, centered tone; her intonation, so important for Hovhaness's modal harmonies, is spot on. She has what seems to be an instinctive feel for his unique aura. Pianist Jeremy Filsell is a strong contributor, executing his roles with taste as well as chops…" (Fanfare)

"…Alan Hovhaness (1911–2000) is a well– known and oft–recorded composer of many types of music. His harmonies and style tend to be modal and relatively moody and religious– sounding. If you can take that, this is a fine collection of his cello music, ending with a rather unusual 15–minute suite for cello and percussion—a transcription of a work he originally scored for South–Indian instru80 July/August 2020 ments. Nagooran was a saint who united the Hindu and Moslem religions. The suite is well worth hearing and makes a colorful ending to a lovely program. Gullans studied cello with Janos Starker, Helga Winold, Csaba Onczay, Elizabeth Simkin, and John Sant'Ambrogio. She plays this music with fine attention to its phrasing and thoughtful nature. Her pianist has made many recordings, and they work together beautifully. The recorded sound is fine." (American Record Guide)

"Not only is this CD a much-needed and overdue addition to the American cello discography, but also an important act of rehabilitation for music that is almost unknown, and can now more readily be taken up by cellists in search of rewarding 'new' repertoire. Hovhaness fans should acquire as a matter of course." (Alan Hovhaness website)