The Ten Aporetic Tropes
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Explore the compositional philosophy of aporetic music by Alberto Patron.

Italian composer Alberto Patron is a composer, music theorist, writer, philosopher, and artist. A pioneer of indeterminacy in music (aporetic music) and non-standard use of musical instruments, Patron is the leading composer of aporetic music as well as aporetic philosophy. This recording, performed by Lucius Weathersby, includes Patron's Ten Aporetic Tropes and two works from his Les Moments Musicaux. Weathersby (1986-2006) was an organist, composer, educator, and church musician who served on the faculty at Dillard University and Amherst College.
Alberto Patron, composer
The Ten Aporetic Tropes, Op. P.1
Lucius Weathersby (piano); Chiara Urli (cello); Valentino Dentesani (violin)

Alberto Patron, composer
from Les Moments Musicaux
Lucius Weathersby (piano)

A composer, music theorist, writer, philosopher, and artist, the Italian Alberto Patron sees Lucius Weathersby on piano, Chiara Urli on cello and Valentino Dentesani handling violin as they interpret Patron’s Ten Aporetic Tropes and two works from his Les Moments Musicaux. “Based on the variety in animals” starts the listen with the bright instrumentation of the jumpy keys and agile strings blending with much playfulness, and “Based on the differences in human beings” follows with the stirring violin being complemented by the plucked cello in a very mature, creative fashion. Into the middle we find “Based on positions and intervals and locations” showcasing incredible attention to detail among the strings, and the key manipulation doesn’t disappoint either, while “Based on the fact of relativity”, the best track, flows with a sophisticated intimacy that’s just so mesmerizing in its profound beauty. Approaching the end, “The Rains Of March” showcases the low keys in a cinematic, reflective tone, and “Far Away (Poeme)” exits the listen indeed poetic, amid dreamy keys and a very thoughtful vision. A leader in the area of aporetic music and the non-standard use of musical instruments, Weathersby, Urli and Dentesani make for an absorbing and immediately striking listen that highlights Patron’s immeasurable talent. (