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A recording of delightful chamber music by Dave Walther.

Composer Dave Walther enjoys an equally distinguished career as a violist, including working as a studio musician in more than 500 motion pictures and soundtracks, and being the violist for The Debussy Trio, which has performed hundreds of recitals in the U.S. and abroad. As a composer he has written works for The Debussy Trio, the Christiane Trio, the Capital Trio, Catherine and Jonathan Karoly, and pianist Duncan Cumming, among others. This, his second recording on Albany Records, includes a work for violin and piano; a string quartet; a work for solo piano; and a work for flute and cello.
Dave Walther, composer
Eighth Duo
Capital Duo

Dave Walther, composer
Second String Quartet
Eclipse Quartet

Dave Walther, composer
Grandfather Clock
Duncan Cumming (piano)

Dave Walther, composer
Sixth Duo
Catherine Karoly (flute); Jonathan Karoly (cello)

The violist and composer Dave Walther has an impressive resume that includes playing on more than 500 motion pictures and soundtracks, as well as being a member of The Debussy Trio. Here, with his sophomore effort on the Albany label, he offers us a work for violin and piano; a string quartet; a work for solo piano; and a work for flute and piano. “Eighth Duo” starts the listen with 3 movements that recruits firm keys and moody strings that interact in playful, even bouncy ways but don’t shy away from bare, atmospheric moments, too, and “Second String Quartet” follows with sublime and very articulate strings emitting warmth, mystery and awe. The back half of the listen leads with the hypnotic keys of “Grandfather Clock”, where Duncan Cumming mesmerizes us with his finger acrobatics that are as sublime as they are memorable, and “Sixth Duo” exits the record with Catherine Karoly’s dreamy flute and Jonathan Karoly’s cello working together with precision, beauty and no shortage of cautious, thoughtful instrumentation. An extremely well executed chamber effort, Walther and company are proficient in both bare and busy settings, as the 4 compositions here flow with grace, wonder and much intrigue. (www.takeeffectreview.com)
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