Within the Within
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Cutting edge works for percussion are performed by Jeremy Muller.

The innovative Jeremy Muller is active as a percussionist, composer, and multimedia artists. He has performed as a featured soloist at many venues throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia and given world premieres of works by many composers including some included on this recording. Alexandre Lunsqui's Materiali includes layering of pulses and velocities generated from the exploration of materials such as clay, wood, metal, plastic, water, and air. Javier Alvarez's Temazcal is an early example of electroacoustic music. Cristyn Magnus; Pitch vs. Computer is a work that treats video games as scores, while Herbert Brün's Stalks and Trees and Drops and Clouds are very early computer work and one of the earliest conceived for a solo percussionist. Matthew Burtner's Glisten of Places is a composition and a collection method for living in the world through sound.
Alexandre Lunsqui, composer
Materiali: Dentro do dentro
Jeremy Muller (percussion)

Javier Alvarez, composer
Jeremy Muller (maracas & electroacoustic sounds)

Cristyn Magnus, composer
Pitch vs. Computer
Jeremy Muller (vibraphone & interactive electronics)

Herbert Brün, composer
Stalks and Trees and Drops and Clouds
Jeremy Muller (percussion)

Matthew Burtner, composer
Glisten of Places
Jeremy Muller (percussion & geotagged soundscape recordings)

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