Within the Within
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Cutting edge works for percussion are performed by Jeremy Muller.

The innovative Jeremy Muller is active as a percussionist, composer, and multimedia artists. He has performed as a featured soloist at many venues throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia and given world premieres of works by many composers including some included on this recording. Alexandre Lunsqui's Materiali includes layering of pulses and velocities generated from the exploration of materials such as clay, wood, metal, plastic, water, and air. Javier Alvarez's Temazcal is an early example of electroacoustic music. Cristyn Magnus; Pitch vs. Computer is a work that treats video games as scores, while Herbert Brün's Stalks and Trees and Drops and Clouds are very early computer work and one of the earliest conceived for a solo percussionist. Matthew Burtner's Glisten of Places is a composition and a collection method for living in the world through sound.
Alexandre Lunsqui, composer
Materiali: Dentro do dentro
Jeremy Muller (percussion)

Javier Alvarez, composer
Jeremy Muller (maracas & electroacoustic sounds)

Cristyn Magnus, composer
Pitch vs. Computer
Jeremy Muller (vibraphone & interactive electronics)

Herbert Brün, composer
Stalks and Trees and Drops and Clouds
Jeremy Muller (percussion)

Matthew Burtner, composer
Glisten of Places
Jeremy Muller (percussion & geotagged soundscape recordings)

Within the Winthin by percussionist Jeremy Muller features a variety of sonically engaging contemporary compositions, many of which feature electro-acoustic aspects.…The final piece, Glisten of Places by Matthew Burtner, is 25 minutes in entirety in five movements and features recordings of geo-tagged soundscapes such as humpback whales in the ocean, crickets, birdsong, mountain wind, water in a cave, and more. Muller has the innate ability to play seemingly simple percussion, such as a triangle or cymbal, so beautifully complementary to the natural sounds that he evoked a sense of wonder and awe in me as I listened.…I was left completely astonished by his dazzling musicianship presented on this recording. Muller is one of today’s few percussionists who can truly be categorized as a 21st-century musician, as he’s like no other I’ve heard before. (Percussive Notes)

The highly creative composer, percussionist and multimedia artist Jeremy Muller brings a wealth of sounds to the table here, including clay, wood and plastic, among many others, as he emits soothing, organic noises, video game-esque ideas and plenty of iconoclastic percussion, too. Alexandre Lunsqui’s “Materiali: Dentro do dentro” starts the listen and displays Muller’s atypical percussive ways, where plenty of noisemakers enter a very curious delivery, and “Temazcal” follows with maracas and electroacoustic sounds being manipulated with mystery in an almost sci-fi sort of fashion in the Javier Alvarez composition. In the middle, the aptly titled “Pitch Vs. Computer”, by Cristyn Magnus, blends vibraphone with interactive electronics for a very playful and bright moment of cautious exploration, while Herbert Brun’s “Stalks And Trees And Drops And Clouds” welcomes percussion and 7 reverberating and 6 non-reverberating instruments for an ominous appeal that tweaks space and tension accordingly. Matthew Burtner’s “Glisten Of Places” exits the listen, and recruits percussion and geotagged soundscape recordings into the unconventional finish that bridges firm percussive sounds with nature. A truly innovative effort, this is actually Muller’s debut solo album, although he has a lengthy resume playing in America, Canada and Australia, and he brings that vast experience and talent to a very exceptional body of work. (TakeEffectReviews.com)