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Works for wind quintet by American and Asian composers.

The Pan Pacific Ensemble continues its series of recording works by American and Asian composers on Albany Records. This disc includes works by Naarong Prangcharoen, Kenji Bunch, Ho Kwen Austin Yip, Kee Yong Chong, David Jarvis, and Chen Yi. Musicians in the Pan Pacific Ensemble are building a bridge between China, Southeast Asia, and the Americas by introducing audiences to wind quintets from these regions. The ensemble, (Sophia Tegart (flute), Keri McCarthy (oboe), Shannon Scott (clarinet), Martin King (horn), Michael R. Garza (bassoon)) was awarded the 2022 American Prize in Professional Chamber Music. They have appeared at numerous festivals abroad, including the China-ASEAN Contemporary Music Festival and the Thailand International Composition Festival, as well as commissioning works from both Asian and American composers.
Naarong Prangcharoen, composer
Ambiguous Traces
Pan Pacific Ensemble

Kenji Bunch, composer
Bliss Point
Pan Pacific Ensemble

Ho Kwen Austin Yip, composer
Wind Quintet No. 2 - Eagle Eyes
Pan Pacific Ensemble

Kee Yong Chong, composer
Labryinth II
Pan Pacific Ensemble

David Jarvis, composer
The Wynwood Project
Pan Pacific Ensemble

Yi Chen, composer
Woodwind Quintet No. 3
Pan Pacific Ensemble

The Pan Pacific Ensemble (Sophia Tegart, flute; Keri E. McCarthy, oboe; Shannon Scott, clarinet; Martin D. King, horn; Michael Garza, bassoon) focuses on new music by Southeast Asian, Chinese, and American composers; its concerts have taken it from North Carolina to China and Thailand.…The lovely but limited sonorities of a wind quintet may keep these competent composers from expressing unique voices, but the entire concert is colorful fun, seemingly enjoyed by its skilled performers as much as by this listener—which is enough to ask.… (Fanfare)

The Pan Pacific Ensemble move forward with their works by American and Asian composers, and this time we are treated to pieces by Naarong Prangcharoen, Kenji Bunch, Ho Kwen Austin Yip, Kee Yong Chong, David Jarvis, and Chen Yi. The title track opens with much atmosphere, as soothing winds and a dreamy climate flow with much grace, and “Bliss Point” follows with an upbeat delivery of dancing song craft that’s light and airy. In the middle, “Labyrinth II” emits a bit of mystery and much beauty in its cinematic nature that’s also quite playful, while “The Wynwood Project” unfolds across 5 movements of largely soft instrumentation that uses brass strategically amid the gentle winds. “Woodwind Quintet No. 3: Suite From China West” exits the listen, and it’s full of intimate gestures that occasionally pause for frisky and lively bouts of exciting chamber sounds. The Pan Pacific Ensemble consists of Sophia Tegart (flute), Keri E. McCarthy (oboe), Shannon Scott (clarinet), Martin D. King (horn) and Michael Garza (bassoon), and this body of work continues their globally praised chamber ideas with much attention to detail that’s just so very appreciated. (
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