Piano Music by Jewish Composers
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Melodic, expressive and nostalgic works by Jewish masters.

This compact disc presents keyboard masterpieces by five of our century's most acclaimed Jewish composers. The sampling of the rich and varied traditions of Jewish music seems especially appropriate as this is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. A somewhat mischievous note of caution creeps in, however, when one attempts to define precisely what "Jewish music" is. Apart from that which can be heard as either liturgical or folk, one faces an enormous gray area of diverse styles (often in the same work), national influences and musical personalities. All of which is to say that "Jewish music" is much more similar to than distinct from other music. This is especially true in America today as younger composers have shed much of their teacher's and their teacher's heritage. Jewish composers exhibit all the strengths and all the weaknesses found among all musicians as of all humanity. When describing great works of art of all styles or origins, massive or minuscule in scope, one is speaking in part of the "vision" of its creator. This is not a mystical term; rather it describes an overreaching personal statement which envelopes the work and, when combined with formal coherence, creates a sense of artistic truth. While this "vision" is common to all great art, the creator can cast his gaze in many different directions: upward towards the heavens; inward towards the mysteries of the self; outward towards the sights and sounds of the world; backward to the past or forward to the future. This sense of "Jewish music" is perhaps to be found here; while all art contains a vision, the Jewish vision is distinct in just what the artist, in this case the composer, sees and feels.
Tzvi Avni, composer
Epitaph (Piano Sonata No. 2)
David Holzman, piano

Paul Ben-Haim, composer
Five Pieces for Piano
David Holzman, piano

Ernest Bloch, composer
Visions and Prophecies
David Holzman, piano

Stefan Wolpe, composer
from the Palestinian Notebook
David Holzman, piano

"...Revolutionary this music may be, but it sounds positively romantic in this company and in David Holzman's detailed, finely-gauged performance. In fact, all the performances are good, and if the program sounds appealing, you can't go wrong." (American Record Guide)
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