Darkness & Light, Vol.  3
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Impassioned, expressive music about one of the darkest moments of the last century.

This is the third volume in the chamber music series that takes place at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The composer of the first piece on this CD, Robert Stern writes in his introduction to his piece Hazkarab: "...I was re-reading Ruth Bondy's admirable Elder of the Jews: Jakob Edelstein of Thereisienstadt. In enumerating the graphic statistics in connection with Ghetto Theresienstadt, Bondy writes: "It is impossible to end with dry figures. Somewhere in all of this there must be a lesson for the coming generations. I have not found it. I Know only one thing; humanity has not learned a lesson and perhaps is incapable of doing so. As for the Jews, they have merely lost their innocence perhaps not even that. Perhaps they simply become more vulnerable. I would like to be able to say that Edelstein and the children died for something, for a Jewish state, for a better future. But in all honesty, I cannot do so. They died because they were not allowed to live." It seemed to me that this was one of the most painfully revealing assertions I have ever encountered in my Holocaust related readings. As I reflected on these thoughts, I decided that the dedication of the score would quote Bondy's last line: to those who died because they were not allowed to live."
Robert Stern, composer
Steven Honigberg, cello; Carol Honigberg, piano

Tom Myron, composer
Käthe Kollwilz
Patricia Green, soprano; George Marsh, violin; Glenn Donnellan, violin; Tsuna Sakamoto, viola; Steven Honigberg, cello

Lukas Foss, composer
Anne Frank
Steven Honigberg, cello; Kathryn Brake, piano

Karl Weigl, composer
Piano Trio
George Marsh, violin; Steven Honigberg, cello; Joseph Holt, piano

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