The Walls Are Quiet Now
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Music that stirs the passions and memories of the Holocaust in musically accessible terms.

New York-born Sylvia Glickman earned bachelor's and master's degrees in performance from the Juilliard School where she was a piano student and received a Licentiate in Performance from the Royal Academy of Music. Her performance and composition awards include the Loeb Memorial Prize from Juilliard, a Fulbright Scholarship, the Hecht Prize in Composition from the Royal Academy and a Solo Recitalist Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her music, for keyboard, voice, chamber groups, orchestra and chorus, has been performed throughout the United States, in Europe and in Israel. Carved in Courage commemorates the fortitude of the Danish people who helped to save Denmark's Jews from the Nazis. Am I a Murderer? is a cantata for voice and chamber ensemble. The singer speaks and sings the text written by Frank Fox, translator of the diary of Calel Perechodnik, a Polish Jewish policeman. Perechodnik was promised by the Nazis that his family would be saved if he helped to round up Jews for deportation. He assisted the Germans, but lost his family. His diary was found after he committed suicide. The Walls are Quiet Now reflects emotions evoked by the sight of a memorial wall outside the Grnnwald S-bahn station in Berlin, Germany. This wall honors the memory of the Jews of the city, transported from that station to concentration camps.
Sylvia Glickman, composer
Carved in Courage
Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra; Donald Spieth, conductor

Sylvia Glickman, composer
Am I a Murderer?
Julian Rodescu, basso; Hildegard Chamber Players

Sylvia Glickman, composer
The Walls are Quiet Now
Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra; Donald Spieth, conductor

"Sylvia Glickman's CD...presents a very moving commemoration of the holocaust...This is a well-performed and well-written work with clear structure and planning; Glickman's choice of orchestral colors is equally superb."(Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music)