Blue Minor
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Elizabeth Brown thinks and dreams in music and we are privy to her initmate interior world.

Elizabeth Brown grew up on an agricultural research station near Camden, Alabama. She studied piano, sang in the church choir, and played mallet percussion in the school band until she started playing flute at 16, and fell in love with it. She attended the College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, then moved to New York and received a Master's degree in flute performance from the Juilliard School in 1977. In her late twenties she began writing chamber pieces for her colleagues, never having formally studied composition. Since then, there have been hundreds of performances of her music worldwide. Kyle Gann in Chamber Music Magazine writes: "Elizabeth Brown writes the only music I know of in which the flute might be playing "London Bridge is Falling Down" while the cello is sliding through a long glissando underneath, yet nothing feels incongruous. There's a kind of imaginary quality to her music. It's as if not only each piece but each passage is based on some strange conceit: a bird sings while a pianist plays Mozart and a cellist shakes like a bowl full of Jell-O. Each conceit morphs into the next in a stream of non-sequiturs, and yet every juncture is smoothly blended, no seam visible. It's elegant, quiet, thoughtful, well-crafted music, and as bizarre as hell. Imagine walking into a Magritte painting: fish protrude from the vase instead of flowers, the chairs are bolted to the ceiling, but the wallpaper is lovely and the furnishings tasteful. That's a little what listening to Elizabeth Brown is like." The composer writes: "I think and dream in music, and to listen to my chamber music is to eavesdrop on an intimate, lyrical, melancholy interior world. The sound landscape is resonant, smooth, and extremely elastic - ideas can wobble or completely dissolve and slide away. Fragments of familiar tunes sometimes drift through, disappearing so quickly you're not sure if you actually heard them. While it can sound improvisatory, the music is honed over a long period of time and carefully notated. Pieces often include exotic or non-western instruments, and the playing techniques and musical styles of these other instruments influence all my writing. I use subtle microtonal gestures and inflections within a predominantly tonal language, and explore the sound world of each instrument in an unorthodox yet idiomatic way."
Elizabeth Brown, composer
Blue Minor
Elizabeth Brown, flute, Curt Macomber and Joanna Jenner, violins, Betty Hauck, viola, Greg Hesselink, cello

Elizabeth Brown, composer
Elizabeth Brown, flute, Jo-Ann Sternberg, clarinet, Curt Macomber, violin, Greg Hesselink, cello, Margaret Kampmeier, piano

Elizabeth Brown, composer
Elizabeth Brown, flute and shakuhachi

Elizabeth Brown, composer
Figures in a Landscape
Curt Macomber, violin, Betty Hauck, viola, Joshua gordon, cello, Dennis James, bass, Susan Walters, piano

Elizabeth Brown, composer
The Memory Palace
Elizabeth Brown, flute, Greg Hesselink, cello, Margaret Kampmeier, piano

"There's great wit evident, but mercifully no irony; this is music that's not afraid of beauty, but also refuses easy-listening romanticism." (Fanfare)