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This disc offers a wide spectrum of the major chamber works of this important composer.

Richard Felciano's interest in musical acoustics led him through language, voice and organ studies to electronic and then computer, as well as to music for architectural and public spaces and music for non-Western instruments. Many of these works demonstrate a strongly ritualistic bent, reflective of the large Portuguese and Asian populations of his Northern California childhood. In the words of his colleague and fellow composer, Howard Hersh, "the vitality of invention and depth of artistic curiosity are clearly enormous, (yet) the major thrust of his contribution...lies in the power with which he has fused his innovative techniques to that timeless element of dramatic immediacy and his acutely-tuned sensibility to the sheer beauty of sound. There has never been any doubt that behind his music - whatever its external form - there stands a human - a humane - sensibility". The composer himself writes: "It has been said that artists spend much of their lives following a path which they somehow know is right but cannot yet clearly define. Scientists know a similar situation: Einstein spoke of 'something which is there but we don't know what it is.' In both instances, knowing that 'something' becomes compelling. In the notes about the works which are on this CD, my own search for that 'something' will become clear - a desire to approach composition through a deepening knowledge of 'what is there' in music - the physical nature of sound itself, so that, as in architecture, whatever structure is possible is defined by the nature of the materials. Picasso observed that the real problem in creativity is the materials, meaning that only through knowledge of them can anything at all be expressed. He was right."
Richard Felciano, composer
Anne Adams, harp, Jane Galante, piano

Richard Felciano, composer
String Quartet
Stony Brook Chamber Players

Richard Felciano, composer
Janet Ketchum, flute, Mario Guarneri, trumpet

Richard Felciano, composer
Dark Landscape
Julie Giacobassi, English horn

Richard Felciano, composer
Barbara Chaffe, flute, Peter Josheff, clarinet, Roy Malan, violin, Stephen Harrison, cello, Joan Nagano, piano, Mike McCurdy, percussion, Jean-Louis LeRoux, conductor

Richard Felciano, composer
Primal Balance
Nancy Turetzky, flutes, Bertram Turetzky, doublebass

Richard Felciano, composer
Sarah Cahill, piano

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