The Starry Messenger
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A delightful cross-section of music from this distinctive composer.

Larry Nelson was born in Broken Bow, Nebraska in 1944. Since 1971 he has served on the faculty of the School of Music at West Chester University, where he teaches theory and composition. He is also co-director of the Evenings of New Music Series that has served since 1972 to bring new music to the college campus. He has established close ties with musical audiences throughout the country but with a particular focus around Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. He has composed works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra and the electronic medium. In describing his music Nelson says, "I utilize mathematical strategies or formal systems and I use computer technology in the creation of my music while, at the same time, my music is very much grounded in traditional concepts of lyricism and harmonic motion." A reviewer described Nelson's music as "having an open and easy approach to tonality- neither insisting on it nor rejecting it. Musical intuition is supplemented by the exploration of formal systems but always in a songful manner." Here's another, specific description of one of the works on this new release, Danceable Haze: "This one movement work expresses some of my recent explorations of body-felt rhythm, our natural foot-tapping connection to the music. The music moves from fast, highly syncopated ensemble chords to slow vamp-oriented music under virtuosic solos and duos."
Larry Nelson, composer
The Starry Messenger
Christina Jennings, flute, Marcantonio Barone, piano

Larry Nelson, composer
Dulcet Mimicry
Gunnar Mossblad, soprano saxophone

Larry Nelson, composer
Seven Clay Songs
Sharla Nafziger, soprano, Charles Abramovic, piano

Larry Nelson, composer
Heidi Jacob, cello

Larry Nelson, composer
Music for Flute and Electronic Sounds
Christina Jennings, flute

Larry Nelson, composer
Danceable Haze
Fran Berge, violin, Scott Wagner, viola, Heidi Jacob, cello, Charles Abramovic, piano

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