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Fascinating, vital music from this intriguing talent.

Tibor Serly will always be associated with Bela Bartok. It was Serly, after all, who gets credit for completing the older composer's Piano Concerto No. 3 and virtually composing the Viola Concerto based on Bartok's outlines and editorial decisions. But Serly, who was born in Hungary and died in London, was a composer of intriguing talent, an excellent violist, violinist and conductor, a musical theorist and was sought-out by students as a teacher. A pupil of Zoltan Kodaly, Leo Weiner and Jeno Hubay, he would eventually play as both violist and violinist in the Cincinnati Symphony under Reiner, the Philadelphia Orchestra under Stokowski and later in the NBC Symphony under Toscanini. His music is in the robust, harmonically spiky tradition we associate with 20th Hungarian composers. Of particular interest is the Concertino 3X3 (pronounced "3 times 3"). As the composer explained: "Concertino 3X3 is at once a Concertino for Solo Piano in three movements; it is also a Concertino for Orchestra, alone; but when played together simultaneously, it is converted into a Concertino for Solo Piano and Orchestra. Thus, in actual performance, one hears three different compositions." This is all fascinating, vital music, and this new release from the enterprising Paul Freeman will allow everyone to appreciate the freshness of Tibor Serly's voice.
Tibor Serly, composer
Six Dance Designs for Orchestra
Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor

Tibor Serly, composer
Concertino 3x3
Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor, Lynn Kao, piano

Tibor Serly, composer
Concerto for Violin and Wind Symphony
Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor, Carla Trynchuk, violin

"This is a Must-Have!...rollicking good music that pretty much skips 'great thoughts', preferring to delight." (J. Scott Morrison)

"In sum, this is a significant release that not only fills a phonographic void, but also does so with distinction." (Fanfare)