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The sense of joy from the music and performances shines through.

It's been nearly a decade since the music of the Common Sense Composers' Collective first surfaced on CD. Their first disc challenged the rarified asceticism of the then still-reigning though waning contemporary music orthodoxy with joyous abandon. Even the disc's cover, featuring eight clearly fun-loving folks, already dented the wall of solemnity that is suggested by the ubiquitous dour tweed-suit mug shots on the covers of many contemporary music recordings. But, ultimately, it was the sheer persuasiveness of the music that crashed down those walls. This group is now entering its second decade and so far has commissioned 62 new works. The pieces contained on this new release were originally written in 1996 in collaboration with the members of the Alternate Currents Performance Ensemble. They are joined on this CD by the New Millennium Ensemble, a mixed sextet of winds, strings, piano and percussion founded in 1990. The mission of all the performers heard on this disc, remains one of collaboration and community. They workshop the compositions through a process one would find more in the dance world than in the classical music world. Many of these works, which began with Common Sense, have found a new home with The New Millennium Ensemble, underlining a new collaborative dynamic and sense of joy in music-making.
Marc Mellits, composer
New Millennium Ensemble

Belinda Reynolds, composer
coming aroundÉ
New Millennium Ensemble

Ed Harsh, composer
not a single night's sky
New Millennium Ensemble

Randall Woolf, composer
Alternative Music
New Millennium Ensemble

Dan Becker, composer
New Millennium Ensemble

Carolyn Yarnell, composer
Lapis Lazuli
New Millennium Ensemble

John Halle, composer
Vox Pop
New Millennium Ensemble

"If the major musical architects of the 20th century establishment designed intimidating skyscrapers with no windows or ventilation systems, the members of the [Common Sense Composers Collective] are designing miniature doll houses with human appeal and careful attention to detail. The...New Millennium Ensemble...performs each piece with an expert combination of focus and playfulness." (Time Out Chicago)
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